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After the papers blew away, the Ghost completed the memoirs from memory, as the name implies.

The Ghost Writer was a political thriller in 2010, when it was produced, but now it is just a forgotten film. None of the critiques that were written after it was completed expressed any opinion on it. Those critiques written before it was completed do not deserve any attention from the audience.


4 P.M. One minute before the death of the main character. The man behind is going to get his car.

The main character is the ghostwriter, who closely resembles Ewan McGregor, but without the lightsaber. What he usually carries instead is a rough draft of the Prime Minister's memoirs, which he is supposed to work on and not carry around. The Prime Minister chose him as the successor for his first ghostwriter, who was inept at writing and therefore got killed.

The Ghost[1] soon manages to enter a close relationship with his client's wife. After investigating the wife, the Ghost decides to investigate his client and only comes back to his actual task when the Prime Minister gets shot (this event served as a push to the protagonist). That's when he manages to publish the complete (or almost complete) memoirs.

The story ends when the ghostwriter is run over by a car.


The Ghost Writer [sic] prefers working with the Prime Minister's wife rather than with the client himself himself.[2]

In the novel The Ghost, the description of the politician whose memoirs were being written provides clear parallels between him and a real politician, Tony Blair. So, in the film (as well as in the novel), the politician is actually a fake Tony Blair.

The film was shot on a set in Germany made up to look like Massachusetts, as producer Roman Polański could not get an American visa. Polański would go on to become unable not just to enter the U.S. but to go anywhere outside a very small cell in Switzerland. During the production of the film, a fake Boeing 787 was used. The gun used to shoot the Prime Minister was a fake too; likewise the automobile that runs over the ghostwriter. The film was based on a fake moviescript (it was actually a filmscript).

After the movie was shot as well as the Prime Minister, the producers omitted some punctuation from the end credits, which transformed the assistant designers into ass designers and assistant painters into ass painters. According to producers, this showed their real level of participation in the project.

The Ghost (the novel) was written in 2007 and based on real events. That's why it was suspected to be an autobiography. However it is still not clear who the writer is in the novel. The fact that the author Robert Harris has never worked as a ghostwriter before implied that he was instead a ghost (and hence the title of the book). During one of the interviews with the writer, when journalists asked him about his role in the novel, Harris vanished.

Foreign titles

After the poster for the film came out, many people wondered why it had such a strange title.

The Ghost Writer is not the real name of the film featuring a British actor. The original name of that film is The Ghost, but it has never appeared under it. It was released as a political thriller in some countries, and not at all in others.

Also, many people confuse The Ghost Writer (the film) and The Ghost Writer (the movie), which actually have nothing in common, the first one being a film and the second one not being a film.

Apart from its incorrect name,[3] the United States has not influenced The Ghost Writer's production in any way. France and Germany have both claimed to have, but it is hard to find out which one is lying.


  1. Referring to the writer this way makes the audience wonder whether the protagonist is human.
  2. The Prime Minister is the man standing behind the Ghost.
  3. The word ghostwriter should be spelled without a gap.

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