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For the system, see Pay it Forward (System)

Pay it Forward is an American drama film starring Haley Joel Osment, Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey. The film is about a kid (Haley Joel Osment) in seventh grade with his Social Studies teacher. He is given an assignment where he has to change the world.

Haley Joel Osment looks for porn. That's right, pay it forward.

“I'd rather shit in my pants”

~ Trevor McKinney

“I did your mom”

~ Mr. Simonet on Trevor McKinney


The film has 3 main characters, Trevor McKinney (Haley Joel Osment), Mr. Simonet-Simonbitching (Kevin Spacey) (though his official name was Mr. Simonet as a teacher, he likes being called that way, or "Mr. Bitcher") and Arlene McKinney (Helen Hunt). Here is a list of all of the characters.

Main characters[edit]

Supporting characters[edit]


The film starts with a student Trevor McKinney starting his new 7th grade. He finds out that he has a social studies teacher who has some fire incidents. However, Trevor is assigned an annual assessment task where he has to change the world. He then comes up with a plan called "Pay it Forward", basically helping 3 people, but those 3 people pay it forward to another 3 people, meaning 9 people.

Further information: Pay it Forward (System)

He then presents his idea in class, but some people think it's what they call bullshit. Those people are then killed. Due to the fact that no one gives a shit about other people's ideas, the film moves on. Trevor first helps a homeless guy called "Jerry" and lets him sleep in his house. His mom goes "fuck you" and faints. The next day Trevor's mom's car is being washed by Jerry and she goes "fuck you" again and faints.

When Trevor's mom finally understands, she gets undisturbed. Arlene (his mom) gets a crush on Trevor's teacher and they, (as what they call) fall in love. Trevor has to pay it forward to two other people, by helping two at a time.

While Trevor does his buisness, Jerry has to pay it forward. He then finds a woman ready to Jump off the bridge, so he helps her to get back down, then stabs her. She then dies, but Jerry has unsuccessfully paid it forward. Jerry thought he has successfully done it, and now he has to pay it forward to one more person. Trevor, he thought. Not only did he break the rule of "not paying it back", he also killed a woman. At the end, Trevor gets stabbed by Jerry after successfully helping his Social studies teacher and his mom to get together (due to the fact that his mom is single).

Jerry's quote while stabbing him:


Problems with the film[edit]

There are many problems with the film. Here are some obvious ones.

  • Jerry has a knife. But how?
  • Jerry has a name. But why?

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