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“This film is like the story of my life”

~ Oscar Wilde on Superbad

“This film is the story of my life”

~ Seth Rogen on Superbad

Superbad is a 1769 French philosophical film made by a Bollywood studio about the universal rights of man. It was written by Black Jesus, directed by Bob Dole and produced by the comedy genius Seth Rogen and stars Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan and Leonard Nimoy.

The film on it's release was widely praised by the philosophes and is widely recognised as being one of the causes of both the French revolution and the American war of Independence as well as causing the dissolution of the British Empire on its resurgence in popularity in the 20th century.

Superbad focuses on themes such as politics, social unrest and change, military involvement in colonies, and religion.

Superbad takes a unique approach to film making by parodying the life of a trio of secretely intelligent Dandies. It has commonly been misconstrued as a typical high school stoner movie about a trio of both unpopular and unintelligent students but this is just the first impression.


Jackie Chan stars as Beau Brummell, a popular high school student who is addicted to opium and wants to be a Franciscan monk. He and his friends' sole aim before they leave high school is to make sure they remain celebate in order to be accepted into the Franciscian order and to devote their lives to God. Hilarity ensues as Beau and his two friends King George IV (Leonard Nimoy) and The Fonze (Chuck Norris) attempt to repel the many offers from prominent noblemen who wish to offer them their daughters' hands in marriage. This is supplemented by The Fonze becoming involved with a rogue unit from the Spanish Inquisition who have lost respect for the church and are on a killing spree and are torturing random people.

The three also are on a mission to purchase opium to fulfill their needs and this takes them on a trip to India along with their good friend Warren Hastings which ultimately leads to the conquest of India by the British and 300 years of rule. A notable comedy point is provided when The Fonze attempts to disquise himself using a fake identity card as Mahatma Gandhi, a notable opium dealer and drug barron as well as a spokesperson for the Indian pro-abortionist lobby and the first chief of the defense staff under Warren Hastings.

The fact that the Fonze dresses in a loin-cloth as a protest against worldly possessions and Gandhi typically wears a leather jacket and skinny jeans leads to confusion and adds to the already ensuing hilarity.


Superbad is currently banned in 50 of the 51 states in the United States due to the fact it it so intellectual it is not understood by the majority of the American population.

It is also currently banned in Iran due to its effect on the unrest in 2009.


The film was originally written in 12 BC by Black Jesus but was in Development hell for over 1700 years after being declared unholy by the Papacy.

According to Black Jesus he based the film on the life of Seth Rogen, a prominent saint who also produced the film.

Notable quotes[edit]

"Blessed are the Cheesemakers, for they will inherit the wait, the moon, that's the cheesy one"

"Blessed are the Cheerleaders, for they.....wait a second"

Rumours of a possible sequel[edit]

Rumours began to circulate in late 2012 about a possible sequel to Superbad, with "Really Bad" as the title during development. Seth Rogen was rumoured to have signed a six film deal with Amblino Entertainment to star in a series of films directed by Senior Speilbergo, the famed Mexican Mollywood director.