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“Proof the public eduction system doesn't work.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Wikipedia universe

“In Soviet Russia,wikipedia learns from you”

~ Russian reversal on failed education

The Wikipedia universe is a fictional universe created by the collaboration of Wikipedians (at times they need to rest from edit wars). Due to the parody nature of Wikipedia, it is claimed to be the real universe.

Some real locations are indeed used in the Wikipedia universe, such as Earth and Sun; however, they are placed in a fictional planet system called the Solar System and a fictional galaxy known as the Milky Way. They also claim that Earth's Moon, which they call Luna, was not destroyed in 1995 by Bob Hope.

In the established canon, the Wikipedia universe is said to have formed in c. 13,700,000,000 BC, although some say it was created in c. 4000 BC by a deity called God, not to be confused with the real God. Both points of view, however, are considered secondary to Wikipedia's NPOV.

In the Wikipedia universe, Earth is inhabited by Wikipedians (also known as "fags"), symbiotic human-computer beings, and non-Wikipedians, which are mostly pure humans (but some seem to be products of interbreeding between humans and poseurs). Some Wikipedians and non-Wikipedians mentioned in Wikipedia (like Jimbo Wales, Oscar Wilde,Al Gore and Oprah Winfrey) are real, but their biographies usually have nothing in common with reality, also manbearpig. Some real historical people, like Marty McFly,Elmo,Cap'n Crunch,Ronald Mcdonald and Homer Simpson, are not recognized as real in the Wikipedia universe and are usually regarded as belonging to other fictional universes, while some are not mentioned at all for no apparent reason.

Despite all of this nonsense, many of the founding members of the wikipedia universe have now been sacked. Realizing that without the progenitors, all history and science would be doomed to fail, the sackers have also been sacked.

The universe also features creatures of seemingly non-human origin, such as bots, sockpuppets and trolls. While not really existing, they are reported to have engaged in edit wars with Wikipedians. Not everyone recognizes these edit wars as canonical events in the Wikipedia universe; some consider them fanon, while others think of them as pieces of misinformation deliberately invented by the non-cabal.

The most recent known event in the Wikipedia universe is dated 2005 AD, while the following events are called predictions, in contrast with the belief that Wikipedia is not a crystal ball.

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