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For information about the state of Wikiland today, see The lore and faerie tale of Wikiland and its noble and majestik King Jimbo I.


The name "Wikiland" was derived from "Wiki" and "land". "Wiki" is the shortened version of Wikocracy, from which Wikipedia gets its idea from.

Ancient Times[edit]

In the early 1000's BC, the continent of Wikia was populated by a variety of animals, namely the Wikipede and the Spork, but were slowly becoming extinct as tribes from the continent of Amerika settled in the eastern plains. These two tribes, the Media Wikii (Latin, Fast Tribe) and the Encyclopædi Dramati (Greek, Stupid People) settled, having wars with each other until the Wikii took over the land of the Dramati and banished them to the realms of internet memes.

Early Antiquity[edit]

The Wikii tribe eventually split into 4 factions:

Then, in c1985 BC, Uscarus Therus, a Roman from a island, visited the 4 nations with his holy book, The Holy Uncyclopedia, his goddess, and his heir, to bring the savage tribes of Wikiland to truth. With his army of Uncyclopedians, he invaded the lush east and pushed the Wikispesii to the land of the Wikimedii, and claimed the land for his powerful nation. The WikiSpecii and the WikiMedii joined into a large group set to destroy Uncyclopedia - the WikiPedii.

Late Antiquity[edit]

By the 990's AC the nation of Wikipedia were a strong and powerful nation, ready to take down the Uncyclopedia at any cost. It was so that the two nations waged war against each other. This is referenced in the documentaries The Wars of Wikiland and The second of The Oscar Wilde Documentary Trilogy.

The Beginning of Monarchy[edit]

In 990, the first king of Wikiland (King Jimbo I) rose to the throne of Wikiland, and, in an attempt to bring Wikiland to popularity, claimed that Uncyclopedia was a parody of Wikipedia, when the Wikiese were the hoaxers all along! Uncyclopedia, though, was still a democracy, and, as quoted by the Uncyclii prophet Uscarus,

"Bonis es a reg a Unus encyclopedium u slav a Wikipedii!"

Uscarus Therus on Uncyclopedia, Rough Translation:

"Better to reign in Uncyclopedia than to serve in Wikipedia!"

The ancient tribe, the Dramatii, were also starting a government, but one that was to last for only a short while until the destruction of Dramatica in 1010 AC.

Other Tribes[edit]

Fortunately, the Uncyclopedii only had another tribe to fight, the Kamelopedii, who were pwnt with ease.

The Wikigoku period (1089-1256)[edit]

The word "Wikigoku" was taken from Japanese word sengoku, which meant "heavy unrest". The Wikigoku period resulted in rebellions all around Wikipedia, and it resulted in Wikipedia spliting into 4, here are the badass factions:

The split lasted for several years as each faction fought each other with poops, grues, zombies and all other stuff like that. However Jimbo I reunited Wikipedia in 1256 in the Battle of 囧, in which he defeated the UnWikipedia forces by using plasma and poop ammunition.

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