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Editcountitis, or obsessive edit-counting disorder (OECD), is a serious condition consisting of an unhealthy obsession with the number of edits you have made to Uncyclopedia (or another online resource). Thankfully, no fatalities or serious injuries have been recorded so far. Furthermore, if caught early, resumption of normal life activities may be possible.


Classic symptoms:

  • Having an edit counter as your home page.
  • Never using the preview button, so corrections to your own typos increase your count.
  • Thinking of your position in the slutlist as a competition.
  • Getting frustrated if you click on "My contributions" and then click on "Edit count", only to be confronted with an icon saying that the replication lag is high so that any edits made within the last eight hours will not be counted.
  • Being especially frustrated if you clicked on the "My contributions" icon and then clicked on "Edit count" at 22:52 UTC on April 2, 2012, when information was given that the replication lag was so high that any edits made within the previous "2 weeks, 1 hours, 36 minutes, 21 seconds" prior to that date would not be counted (in particularly bad cases, marking this day off as black letter day).
  • Being overcome by overwhelming emotion and relief when the aforementioned replication lag problem ended on April 3, 2012.
  • In extreme cases, making bad changes just so you can revert them later.
  • In really extreme cases, keeping a current manual count on your user page and frequently updating it.
  • When you update your manual count, habitually forgetting to include the edit in which you just updated your manual count, and making another edit or three just to put it right.
  • Voting support or oppose based on number of edits at Requests for adminship, rather than by checking the user's actual contributions.
  • Editing the main sandbox, or your own sandbox if you are a registered user, excessively.
  • Checking the edit count of any other editor that you come across in Wikipedia, and comparing their results with yours.
  • Becoming a "New Page Patroller" so that you can check the grammatical or spelling errors on new articles and increasing your edit count by correcting them.
  • Playing the random article game too much.

If you find yourself exhibiting at least one of these symptoms, consider seeking professional help. Remember:

  • Unless you want to be an admin, nobody really cares how many edits you've made. Even then, it's really not quantity, but quality, that matters.[1]
  • There is no prize for making 2,000, 3,000, 10,000, 216 (65,536), 217 (131,072), or even 218 (262,144) edits.
  • If you've made over 200,000 edits, your account can't be renamed as it would kill a server kitten.

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  1. A lack of sanity also helps