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A Wikithug is a registered Wikipedia user who thinks nothing of stalking, berating, harassing or otherwise tormenting other Wikipedians, online or off. Wikithugs often use sock puppets as a key part of their plan of attack.

How Will I Know When I'm Being Stalked By a Wikithug?[edit]

Wikithugs follow their victims through Wikipedia’s online "Recent Changes" system, allowing them to monitor their targets' posts, discussions, and other actions. This system is the online equivalent to being all alone in your house, with all the lights on, and no windowshades.

Once targeted by a Wikithug, an average Wikipedian has no safe haven that they can turn to, and are often left by the Uberwikipedophile in charge to simply twist in the wind. If they appeal to the administrative team (which is wholly comprised of Wikipedophiles), they must wait for the tyrants to judge whether or not the Wikipedian has sufficiently pleased them; if not, the hapless Wikipedian is on his or her own.

Personality Traits of Wikithugs[edit]

A typical Wikithug in action. Note the obvious look of guilt when the thug is caught vandalizing your user page with a sock puppet.

Wikithugs are small, petty, remorseless people who find comfort in bossing others around. They use their self-perceived "super-intelligence" as both a springboard and a quasi-justification for their actions. Hitler and Napoleon, if they were still alive, would be poster children for the Wikithug "tittytats" movement, since both of these brutal, imperialist dictators exemplified the perverse nature of the Wikithug mentality. On the other hand, Il Duce would not have qualified as a Wikithug, because he would have been unable to understand how computers are operated, and would thus have been simply a thug.

Like other lower forms of life, Wikithugs replicate by spawning sock puppets and dildos through parthenogenesis.

Tiny, Brittle, Petty Little People[edit]

Wikithugs not only demonstrate borderline personality traits, but they also exhibit extreme narcissism in many cases. Living in their own world cloaked by by a murky veil of smoke and mirrors, their images are not reflected in the mirrors; this only feeds their mania for recognition.

Once backed into a corner, Wikithugs simply switch screen names like most people change their underwear. In extreme cases, Wikithugs will become so isolated and desperate for attention that they will begin to "chat" with themselves. This is sometimes referred to as Wikiphrenia. The purpose of this behavior is both to increase their edit counts, and to have each change to their "chat" page register in "Recent Changes," where it will (they hope) be noticed by an unwary Administrator who is then drawn into a time-wasting, pointless discussion.

If they are ignored by the sock puppets they create, extreme wikithugs have been known to start vitriol-filled Request for Comment actions against their own sock puppets.

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