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Now you're leaving the 20th century - Graffiti message on a wall in a scene of rock band Bush's music vid. "Machinehead". Gavin Rossdale for president! No more Bushit in the 90s.

1995 was another one of those friendly, though not-too-intelligent years, also remembered largely for its taste in short skirts and loud, tacky colours.

1995 was the International year of Billy Mays

  • Republican Revolution in the ballot box: The GOP takes back the House and Senate, but failed to get the presidential oval office.
  • A gang of nude negros jack off all over the oval office.
  • The only thing America cared about was the OJ Simpson trial in 1994-95. NOT GUILTY! Black people celebrate, women's groups protest and Angry white males don't fucking care about the niggers, bitches and faggots in Hollywood.
  • On January 1, 1995 murdered 1994.
  • 1995 was a group of naked people
  • Thousands of bukkake fans rally outside the Library of Congress in Washington DC in an effort to get the Library to expand its collection of Japanese porn.
  • Mike Reno, lead singer of the 1980's dork-rock band Loverboy, is slightly injured when his head explodes. (He later resumes his singing career after his head is replaced with a tiny mechanical substitute.)
  • Adolf Hitler releases debut album "Led Zeppelin XVVIIXV". Led Zeppelin sues god.
  • Oklahoma City federal building bombed, Arabs and Muslims blamed for it, but it was a white anti-government militia member from the heartland of America.
  • Chuck Norris shed a tear. This triggered the Apocalypse, and cured someone of cancer.
  • Bill Gates leaves the Beatles to make Microsoft.
  • If you wore a double-breasted suit, you were the man!
  • First Nigerian drugs-dealer arrested in Johannesburg, South Africa!
  • May 7, the begining of real life, my birth creating the universe. Also killing the Mongolians.
  • Canada collects all remaining pieces of the moon.
  • Jesus partied like it was 1995.
  • Oasis releases the nost annoying song ever!
  • flying manatee's were discovered when a pilot thought a 1 ton bird hit the wind shield of his plane.
  • A Bunch of government assholes made up global warming to make make money. No one believed them tell Bill Gates said it was a lie in early 2000.
  • A computer named "deep shit" defeated a human in a game of chess. ROFLMAO!