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Welcome to Uncyclopedia in Mourning,

the content-free encyclopedia that we wished Some User and Todd Lyons still edited
Rest In Peace brave souls

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In Memoriam

Is it with great sadness that Uncyclopedia must report the loss of two of the most beloved members of the Uncyclopedian Community. A day of mourning has been announced.

Todd "Howlin'" Lyons and Some "Fingers" User worked tirelessly for the betterment of others, and both in their own unique ways have improved and left their mark on the Uncyclopedia you see before you today. Their self sacrifice will long be remembered, and plans are underway to erect a fitting monument, the Tomb of the Unknown Contributor.

A minute's deletion is to be observed.

On this day...
"What's my name?" Mr. Anon. asks before his death. People pity him because it's not even know that his name is really Anonymous.

February 26: Famous Last Words Day

  • 2008 BCE - "Phdugy'dufc eibgs'ghib kuikhigihdmvgh's"Cthulhu, again.
  • 480 BCE - "This is an arrow!"Spartan guy
  • 666 - "Pity me."Satan, on Mr.T
  • 777 - "AAA"AAA
  • 1566 - "Tomorrow, I shall no longer be here."Nostradamus, his only prediction that comes true.
  • 1900 - "My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go."Oscar Wilde
  • 1900 - "As much as I hate him, Oscar is right. I would not want to change a thing."Mark Twain
  • 1920 - "It can't end like this. Tell them I said something." – Pancho Villa is hit by history's most unfortunately-timed case of writer's block.
  • 1939 - "This is absurd ! This is absurd !"Sigmund Freud, after reading Waiting for Godot 1,111 times.
  • 1939 - "No! Mine are more absurd than this crap."Albert Camus , in reply to Sigmund (MotherF*cker) Freud saying that his works are more absurd.
  • 1939 - "Who care about absurdity , Hell are others."Jean Paul Sartre, in reply to Albert Camus.
  • 1939 - "I am dying. Please... bring me a toothpick."Fred, after reading Waiting for Godot 99,999 times.
  • 1939 - "See! This one is more absurd that you two !!" – Jean Paul Sartre , awakening from his grave to get in the last word.
  • 1945 - "Peace out, bitches!"Jozef Goebbels comin' at you live, also from A to the D to the Hizzle's concrete crib, yo.
  • 1967 - "I know you've come to kill me. Shoot, you are only going to kill a man."Che Guevara, where 'only going to kill a man' means that he'll be revived as zombie and sticker-tags.
  • 1969 - "This is one small step for HOLY...!"Neil Armstrong
  • 1992 - "..."John Cage, who confuses the angel of death who thinks this is some kind of extreme performance art.
  • 2000 - "Hold my beer. WATCH THIS... " – Unknown, but attributed to hundreds of people appearing on Jackass.
  • 2006 - "And this rope is of such shitty quality!"Saddamn, at the gallows, complaining his ass into his grave.
  • 2175 - "I'm dying... so that I'm not going to live anymore."Captain Obvious
  • 2345 - "What's this button do???" – George W. Bush the 7th
  • 2456 - "WarniT!"Jesus Goffer
  • The End of Everything - "Sorry for the inconvenience."God
Word of the Day
Try to use it in conversation.
Knowledge is power.
In the news
  • Oscar Wilde writes a poem showing what he thinks about the deaths of Some User and Todd Lyons(he misses them very much).
  • Editors of uncyclopedia.wikia.com die and appoint earwig-human hybrid to manage Recent News.
  • Jesus was revived. But Norwegian Space Ottars mistook him for a fish and buried him in their gardens. He died.
  • Gothic people slit their wrists and write tragic poems, nothing newsworthy there...
  • The emos commit mass suicide, but nobody cares...duh...
  • Mourners flow through the streets of New York in melodramatic fashion, demonstrating, parading, blocking traffic and inciting riots.
  • All Uncyclopedians are wearing black armbands.
  • The Japanese are comitting mass seppuku.
  • The British are maintaining a stiff upper lip. In France, rioting ensues.
  • Physicists at IITb publish a paper no one could understand. Basically they wanted 1 hour of strict mourning to be observed.
  • The State Department for Social Security will NOT pay successors' pensions to the relatives.
  • All the Russians are drunk. All the Dutch are stoned. Peyote use at an alarming high among Native Americans.
  • In the middle east the streets are full of women wailing loudly.
  • The Americans have organised a drive through service.

a duh /b/ was here

UnNews – Need a shoulder to cry on? Ask Cthulhu!

If anyone cares on a day like today...
*... that I only slept with your wife as a prank?
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