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Ajax may mean any of the following:

Ajax and Mr. Clean meet on the field of battle.
  • Ajax the Greater, son of Clorox, a celebrity in the Trojan War noted for his tile-cleansing ability, which shone in two fights with Mr. Clean.
    1. In their first encounter, Ajax meets Mr. Clean in a duel of bathroom cleansing that lasts a whole day. Ajax gets the upper hand early, cleaning the grout and removing soap scum from the tub, but Mr. Clean fights on, making the floor and fixtures sparkle, until Zeus calls a draw.
    2. The second fight between Ajax and Mr. Clean occurs when Mr. Clean breaks into Ajax's camp and fights grease in the kitchen. Ajax cleans the sinks, leaving them as shiny as new. Mr. Clean is able to clean off the stove, and Ajax is forced to retreat with nothing left to clean. Mr. Clean and the Trojans succeed in making the house spotless, which brings the war to a close.
  • Ajax the Lesser. A smaller version of Ajax the Greater. In practice, he was Ajax the Nastier.
  • AFC Ajax, a football club with nothing but pussies for fans. Players spend more time brawling than playing. The reason a footie club would be named after a laundry detergent is the intractable stains to their kit after an afternoon on a particularly muddy pitch.

    AFC Ajax has a chilly, windy home venue; and a booster club called the "All Temp-a-Cheer" girls.

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