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The Fair Use Clause, Section 107 of the Copyright Act, allows the use of copyrighted material for purposes such as teaching but more importantly for purposes such as satire and parody. Therefore, almost anything we place is under protection. This would NOT have applied to the orginal Wikipedia because that has a different purpose than this one. Wikipedia is a referential point of view toward satire, in a manner which self justifies its equilibrium with other events and anecdotes as documented on Geocities homepages. However, the copyrighted items themselves must be used to satirize only what they originally stand for. For example, a McDonald's logo may be used to satirize McDonald's Corporation, but using it to parody Burger King is not covered under fair use, unless it's analogous to the principle of covetousness in the massive media.

Failure to conform to the Fair Use Clause (henceforth: FUC, as in "pay the FUC attention") will result in severe penalties. Taxes will be raised for you, and only you. One of the more bloodthirsty Clinja clans will be sent a self-addressed, stamped envelope in your handwriting with your return address, detailing a long and error-ridden insult of their clan and humor techniques. Wedgies will be given. You have been warned. Now go FUC yourself.

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