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This is an index, sorted by the creation date of the text story, of UnNews stories that include the {{UnNewsAudio}} template to indicate that a broadcast version was made. The link is to the text story, but you can click on the icon at the upper right of the text story to hear the Audio.

12-Apr-2021:UnNews:Pelosi bends GOP over further
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Pope trashes creationism
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:John Bolton doesn't get it, again
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Obama officially "12th-best"
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Trump bitches out several world leaders
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Buffett praises Trump picks, do-overs too
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Conway trip to Alberta is off
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Hill Republicans plan busy 2017
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Obama sanctions Russians
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Sessions cedes Senate seat
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Actress won't leave US after all
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Kerala and San Francisco part ways on human waste
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Trump won't rule out terrorism
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Cleveland set to merge with East Cleveland
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Hillary is all right! She's fine
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:U.S. Presidency becomes a two-"man" race
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Hermine outpolls Clinton and Trump
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Trump and Mexicans agree on border wall
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Hinckley signs as new Subway pitch-man
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Kim Jong Un reveals super-baby pregnancy
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Trump honors victims of 7/11
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Jihadists strike again, everyone sad
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:GOP warns America the "vote" was merely advisory
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Romney to Trump: "Whip it out!"
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Uncyclopedia sues Ted Cruz
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:MLK "Fun Shoot" cancelled
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Democrats to fix crowded debate
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Jeb Bush to carpet-bomb Agrabah
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Kerry: Boots-on-the-ground is no big deal
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Governors make World Series bet
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Trump wins Democratic debate
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:GOP debate not to be all about Trump
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Hillary sorry, nation set to Move On
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Congress reconvenes, wrestles with national Trump crisis
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Lock broken at Sault Ste. Marie
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:New batch of hate words is ready
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:US parties fight spate of plain-speaking
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Greek crisis enters crisis phase
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Obama privatizes kidnapping industry
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Sanders campaign weathers first scandal
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Big Tech objects to U.S. spying proposal
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Train service resumes after brief ineffective pause
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Commissioner suspends Hillary
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:US Army women cadets wash out
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:ISIS claims responsibility for Texas cartoon attack
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Lynch becomes new U.S. Attorney General
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Hillary unveils campaign disguise
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Hillary may have declared her candidacy
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Obama to speak on green jobs in Utah
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Indiana toddler charged with hate speech
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Iran deal done, except for details
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:All eyes are on the F.E.D.
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Hillary comes really clean
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:US has no room to store new tax forms
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Chihuahuans form record gas line
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Obama explains continuing Muslim violence
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Obama to save the day by attending Abdullah funeral
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:New England steals AFC trophy
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Congress OKs the XL
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Russian currency crisis ends
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Louisiana gets around to announcing vote
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Boston avoids exciting nil-nil draw
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Obama hears everyone
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Officials calm about brain-eating amoeba in tap water
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:FAA resumes flights into Austin
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Biden asks governors to lead nation out of mess
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Ballmer bids $2B for Clippers
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Mexican develops apple-based fuel
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Nigerian micro-cap plans IPO
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:NBA owner disinvites fans
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Windows XP becomes suddenly useless
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Congress writes last-ever dirty tax bill
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Army-base shooting occurs without jihad
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Kudlow: Let's all boycott Russia
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:E*Trade is a baby-killer
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Ukraine's lost paradise Crimea becomes parking lot
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Biden thrusts against "naked" Crimea
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Every American gets a raise
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:NFL to police hurtful language during games
11-Mar-2019:UnNews:Clown shortage threatens the nation

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