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Alphabetical arrangement, as attained basically by constraining contents' cryptoalphabetical display, dissipates dissonance drastically.


Each entity exemplifies, following forms from given gradations, gradually graphing groups, haphazardly harboring harmonious hegemonies, helping hierarchial hypothetical idealizations. Inadequate indexes indulge ineffective ineptitude, inescapably inferring infinite influences, infringing initial inspirations instead. Interlaced intermediacy internalizes intricate involvement, irrespectively itemizing judgemental juxtapositions. Kindred knowledge laboriously lampoons language, leading legible letters leveraged, liberally lightening limitations.

Linear Linkages

Although bean counters don't engender felicitous greetings, haphazard installments just kill lucid meaning. Now ordered, practically questionable rich soup tastes unbelievably velvetty. Wouldn't you?

Logically, losing lucidity luxuriously makes malleability manifest, manufacturing marvelous material. Maturity may meander meanings measurably, meeting mendacious messages (metaphorically). Methodical Milhouse mingling miscarriaged mixtures mock modern modifications. Momentarily, mongrelized monograms monopolize monumental motifs, motivating mountainous movements. Multiplying mysteries naïvely narrows negativity, neglecting neutrality.


Nipples! Noisy nonsensical noodles! Northern Norwegian noses notify nude nurses, nurturing nymphomania. O obelisk, obfuscate Occidental octopi, offending omnipotent onions! Ospreys outflank owls. Oxygenated oysters pacify padlocked pagodas, paint pajamas!!! Pancakes paralyze paratroopers (parenthetically). Parsnip party, party party party! Passionate pelicans penetrate penguin penises!

Penultimate People

Perannum, percentages perform periodically, permanently perplexing personnel. Pertinent perusals pervert pessimistic petitions, petrifying petty philosophers. Phonetic phrases picture Pilgrims pillaging pirates. Plato plausibly pleased plump poets, poignantly poking polarized polemics. Ponder poodles. Popular pornographic portfolios portray Portuguese posteriors. Praise, pray preachers, prearranges precious predictable preposterous prophecies. Prophylactics proscribe prosperity, protecting Protestant protrusions. Proverbially, proximate publications publish puerile puke.



Pungent Punkery

Pure purges purify purist Puritans, purtorting purpose. Pursue pussy putty, quaking queen. Quench query; question quibbles quietly. Quit quoting Rabelais!!! Rabid racoons radiate random raspberries. Readjustments reap reasonable rebates, rebuffing rebukes. Recapitulation: Recent recipient recites reclamation, recommends recompensation. Recounting recovered redemptions reduce reducible redundancies redundantly. Refraining refrigeration refutes regenerative regress, regretfully. Relevant remarks remedy remembering remorseful renditions, renewing renunciation.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Repetition replaces replenishment, replicating repressed reproductions. Reputed requests require rescue; research reservoir resolutely. Resolved: Restrain resurgent resurrections, resuscitate retail retaliations. Retroactive reunions reveal revelations, reverberating reverse revolutions, rhetorically. Ribald ripostes risibly risk risqué romantic romps. Rotate rotten rubbers. Rugby rules! Rumor: Rumpus ruptures Russian Sabbath, sabotaging sacramental sacrifice.

Saddam Sadism Safari!

Salacious Samaritans sample samurai sanctuary, sanitize sapphire sarcophagi. Satan saturates saucy savages, savoring scandalous Scandinavians. Scary scavengers schedule school, science scorned. Scottish scouts scramble scribbled Scriptures, scrub sculptures, search secluded secretaries. Secular segregation seldom selects semantic sensations. Separate sequential sets. Seventeen sexy Shahs shame Shangrila shaving sheep. Sheriff shoots shoulder, shrapnel shreds shy Siberian. Signature signifies silent silliness, simultaneously sinking six skeletons. Skeptical skippers skirmish slender sloops.


'Smatter, smell smoldering smorgasbord? Sneeze, sniff, snivel. Snort snow, snub snuff!


Albeit benign, calligraphic drawings extend feeling goodwill having initiated justifiable karmic lettering. Meaning now obfuscated - periodically quizzical - relegating some terms understanding virtually wasted. Xerography yields zeal.

So, soak soap sociably. Socks soften, soiling sole, solidifying sombreros somewhat. Sophomoric sounds sour Soviet spas. Spaniards speak specific spells, spelunking sphincter. Spinach splatters sporty sprocket, squandering squash, squirting starch steadfastly. Steaming stew stimulants stomach. Storks straddle strange streams, strengthening stricken strumpets. Study stupid subjects, submerging subnormal subordinates. Substitute succulent sugar, suggests suicidal sultan. Summary: Summer summons sumptuous suppers. Support suppositories, suppress surcharges.


Surrealism surrender surreptitious surrey surrogate surround surtax surveilance survey survive susceptible suspect suspend suspicion sustain sulter suture suzerain...


Swamp swan swaps swarthy swashbuckler, sweeps swiftly. "Swing swishy swivels," swore Sylvia. Symmetric symphony synchronizes synopsis, synthesising syrup. Tabloids tackle talented Taoists targeting tasty tattoos. Tax tea, teachers tediously telegraph. Telescopic television tempts ten terrified Thespians. They think this thought: Thrust thumb thus, thwack thyself. Tick tock. Today toffee, tomorrow tortilla. Tortoises torture totalitarian toucans, traditionally. Train trajectory transcends transcontinental transfers, transgressing transmigration. Transparent trees tremble. Triangular triceps trick triennial Triumvirates. Trojan trollops trot, trumpets Tsar. Tuesday tumult: turbulent Turk turns turtle, tussles tutor. Tuxedo tweed twinkles, twitters tycoon. Ubiquitous Ukrainians understand unutterable urban Urdu, urge ursine ushers. Utilitarian uvula vaccine validates Valkyrian valor. Vamoose, vampirish vandal! Vanilla vanquishes variety, Vatican vaunted. Vegetables vehemently venerate Venetian ventriloquism. Verdict verifies veritable version, versus vestigial vibrations. Vicar victimizes Victorian Victrola™, videotaping vile villainy. Vinaigrette vindicated, vinegar violated. Virgin virtue virulently visible; viscount vivifies vixen. Volatile volcano vomits, vows vulgar vulture. Walking walls wallop waltzing wanderers.


Warrior washes waste water, waxes weapon. Weary weasels weather Wedlock Wednesday. Wee weed weeps, welcomes Welsh welterweight. Wench went whaling, wharf wheezed. When? Where? Whether? Which? Whigs, while whimpering whines, whirl whiskey. Whither??? Who??? Why??? Wicked widows wiggle wild wildebeests willynilly. Windows, with wood, works worthily. Write writings, written wrongs. Xenon x-rays xylophone, yachtsman yammers.


Yelp "Yes!" yesterday, Yiddish yodeller. Yogurt zeal: zero zest. Zeus zigzags zingers, zips Zodiac zombie zone. Zoologist Zorastrians??? Zounds! Zulu zymurgy. Zyzzyva.