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Satan in his office at his main base in Hellifornia. (Hell's "California")

Hell is a domain of pure, concentrated evil and the home of the river of pink slime that reacts to negative emotions, which was discovered by the Ghostbusters. Ruled by Satan and his lesser minions, it is the place where the spirits of evil life forms who died go to relax (including you), if they prefer to not go to heaven or the ghost zone. Another way to get to Hell is to be "Damned to Hell" by God for being bad while alive. As of October 2000, Hell is a fully owned subsidiary of Sony.

Composition and Location[edit]

“Hell exists in the same place as our consensus reality, but it's like a film shutter- it's the darkness between the 24 frames.”

~ Egon Spengler

In less technical terms, hell is like another dimension that is parallel to ours. It is basically earth, only everything is evil, and every city, state, country, and continent (including Antarctica, which in hell, is nothing but a volcanic wasteland.) is ruled by one of Satan's minions. Also, the names of all the cities, states, countries, and continents are modified to have some hell related pun (Example: Mass-hell-chusetts) in them to indicate that it is hell. Some other notable things about hell are that no 2 people speak the same language, and people will often swear at each other in foreign languages. Its the worst things about life, only magnified.

The main transdemonential entrance is located right off Exit 13 of the New Jersey Turnpike. If just visiting as a tourist, be sure to have exact change or an E-Z Pass ready for the tollbooth, since there are reserved seats in hell for those neglect these.

Hell looks a lot like Detroit, but its a lot nicer, when you are killed in Hell, you either go to Detroit or China, take your pick.

Hell's Music[edit]

As everyone with half a brain cell knows the Devil has the best music, as a result all Heavy Metal bands exist in their greatest form in Hell. For example in Hell Metallica post Master of Puppets never existed. Hellian musicians as they are know (because I say so) have there own dominion known only as The Pit, within which lies the Porcupine Tree which Moses saw In Flames. Opeth are grand rulers of the Pit and smite any naysayers and Emos with the mighty power of the guitar solo. Also known to inhabit the Pit are: The Dillinger Escape Plan (pre bullshit) Children Of Bodom Venom Motorhead Iron Maiden (minus the Dickinson free years) Pantera and Fall Out Boy (the evilest band alive.)

Imagine of Hell[edit]

Hell is separated into nine separate "layers." The first layer holds the least evil and each layer the evil gets a little thicker until the ninth layer where only the most evil may go. This chart shows the nine layers and the type of evil that may be found on both layers.

General asshats
Circle I Limbo

DMV Employees
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Oakland Raider Fans
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

Circle IV Learning there Views are Wrong

Green Peace
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Circle VII Burning Sands

The Pope
Circle VIII Immersed in Excrement

Circle IX Frozen in Iceburg full of copies of the Necronomicon

Satan Himself
Circle Deus Ex Machina With all the Poker players and Deus Ex Machina God

Chuck Norris
Skateboard Park, Arcade, and general ass whooping


In Hell, most things are the opposite from their earthly counterparts. This is also valid for the Ghostbusters. In Hell, the Ghostbusters are known as the Human or Fleshbusters, who will "bust" any living being that comes into the domain of Hell known as "Manhellton". They use proton packs that shoot powerful blasts of ectoplasm (similar to those blasted by Danny Phantom) at living beings and then trap them in traps (which look quite similar to the Ghostbusters' ghost trap) that somehow have the ability to trap a living organism.

The Manhellton Incident[edit]

Manhellton in all it's glory!
Siffler, the ruler of Manhellton.

At one point, Satan had one of his minions, Siffler, who ruled over Hell's version of Manhatten, New York (Manhellton), evict several souls from his domain, Manhellton, as it was becoming too full to the point of bursting. Siffler complied to this and began to evict souls from Manhellton into Manhatton (earth). This, however, caused a lot of trouble for the residents of New York city, who had already faced 2 ghost-related threats in 1984, and then in 1989. The Ghostbusters were then called by God to stop Siffler from evicting souls into the world of the living. They were able to get to hell by building a portal that would transport them there. The portal, which bared a strong resemblance to a ghost portal, which could transport someone to "The Ghost Zone", would take the ghostbusters "one phase out of beat", which was where hell exists, as quoted by Egon Spengler. The Ghostbusters succeeded in stopping Satan and Siffler's plans, thus saving the world (again). This incident was to be documented in filmmaker Ivan Reitman's unproduced documentary, Ghostbusters 3. Unfortunately however, the documentary was not made due to it being rejected by Columbia Pictures, who owned the rights to Reitman's doccumentaries. This was because Satan himself had possessed the CEO of Columbia pictures, and speaking through him, Satan managed to keep his minion, Siffler's failure from becoming public, and him from becoming the laughing stock of the undead community.

Satan's New Right-hand Man[edit]

Saddam, seen here asking his lover Satan if he still loved him.

Recently, 28 year old Satan Worshiper named Darrell Ferguson was executed in Ohio for a triple murder. When Ferguson died by lethal injection, he was welcomed into Hell with open arms by many of it's residents. Satan himself was quoted as saying that he had never been so happy to greet a new arrival in Hell since his first date with now husband Saddam Hussein. When Mr. Ferguson arrived in Hell, Satan threw him a huge party and invited all his best friends. Satan, happy to have a person so evil enter Hell also dubbed Darrell his second in command. Ironically, this has not made Satan's husband Saddam Hussein jealous. Saddam was quoted as saying to his husband 2 days later "I can change!"


Hell is not without regular visitors and ghosts who call it home.

Satan - Ruler of Hell, so he obviously lives there.

Americans - No surprise; these whiners are destined to burn here the whole time.

Deus Ex Machina God - Plays poker on Wednesdays. Omnipotent jackass.

Robert Frost - Reads poetry to Satan, and walks his poodle "Scrambles".

Siffler - One of Satan's lesser minions, is the ruler of "Manhellton" (Hell's version of New York).

Mel Gibson - Was damned to hell by God while still alive for bashing Jesus in his movies, Passion of the Christ and Passion of the Christ 2. Was also dammed for being anti-semitic.

Chuck Norris - Comes once every week to play poker with Satan, he sometimes makes Satan shit himself.

Darrell Ferguson - New arrival to hell as well as a prominent satan worshiper.

Ember McLain - The ghost of the famouse gothic rock n' roll queen and her band, "Ember and the Ghostly Trio" occasionally make appearances at "The Hellrock Cafe (Hardrock Cafe, in the living world) in Hellywood (Hollywood in the living world) to play songs from their recent albums.

Hellmo - His name obviously implies that he lives in Hell. Hellmo is also one of Satan's leeser minions who rules over "Satanme Street" (Hell's version of Sesame Street).


Samhain - The Creator and god of Halloween, he is a distant relative of Satan who periodicaly visits when not trapped in the Ghostbusters' containment unit.

Dick Cheney - Despite the fact that he is still alive Dick Cheney is allowed to travel freely between Hell and Earth because he is so evil. Cheney usually visits Hell to attend Satan's family gatherings and to hunt ghost quails (Or more accurately, ghost lawyers).

Hitler - Doomed to spend all of eternity in Hell as punishment by God for attempting to take over the hilly warm side of New Zealand.

The Jersey Devil - Former resident of Hell and Satan's cousin. Was never seen or heard from again after he picked a fight with Danny Phantom.

Alan Robertson - Why not?

Barney the Dinosaur - One of Satan's high-ranking minions, is usually given jobs that involve hypnotizing humans with extremely annoying songs and behavior.

Jar Jar Binks-Another one of Satan's high ranking minions, and one of the most annoying beings in the universe, perhaps even more than Barney. Specializes in torturing random arrivals by trapping them and repeatedly saying "Mesa Jar Jar Binks."

Anti Cosmo - The Bizarro World counterpart of idiot fairy, Cosmo, had a summer house built in Hell.

Leonidas and his Spartans - They frequently come at night to dine.

Other Notables now in Hell[edit]

The newest notable to have gone to hell is bolded until a newer one dies and goes there. Also, please update the list regularly.

Remember that Uncyclopedia isn't just for jokes; it's also for facts that might be true, but aren't verifiable amongst the living, like this list below.


Herod Antipas

Mohammed Atef Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Phil Argus Scott Adams Andariel

Chemical Ali

This space reserved for Bashar al-Asshat

Napoleon Bonaparte

Leonid Brezhnev Bender Montgomery Burns Ballos This space reserved for

George W. Bush

This space reserved for

Bat in a Bucket

Chris Benoit this place is reserved for Kobe Bryant

Al Capone

Julius Caesar Nicolae Ceausescu Horloogiyn Choybalsan Leon Czolgosz Finbar Calamitous

Kurt Cobain

Seung-Hui Cho This space reserved for

Fidel Castro

This space reserved for

Raul Castro

This space reserved for

James Daniel Cave

Lucius Sergius Catilina

Andrew Cunanan

This space reserved for

Tom Cruise

This space is reserved for

Miley Cyrus

George Carlin


Joel Dawson Duriel This space reserved for

Richard Allen Davis


Adolf Eichmann

Eazy-E This space reserved for Eskimos John Louis Evans

Albert Fish

Dr. Frank N. Furter Darrell Ferguson[1] Jerry Falwell - [He talked of evil so often that God will give him the personal up-close tour.] Bobby Fischer

Amon Goeth

Joseph Goebbels John Wayne Gacy Gary Gilmore \Mahmoud Ahmaddinejad will be in hell This space reserved for

Mikhail Gorbachev

Muammar Gaddafi

Eric Harris

This space reserved for

Paris Hilton

Heinrich Himmler Adolf Hitler Rudolf Höß Enver Hoxha

Attila the Hun

Qusay Hussein Saddam Hussein, now Satan's long-awaited sex slave. Uday Hussein Jimmy Hoffa Jimi Hendrix

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard

Cho Seung Hui

Judas Iscariot


Derek Jacobs[2]

Jesse James This space reserved for

Elton John[3]

Lyndon B. Johnson Janis Joplin Michael Jackson

Dylan Klebold

Il-sung Kim Genghis Khan Billy the Kid (This space reserved for

Jong-il Kim)

Henry Kissenger
Kary, Fiend of Fire
Titus Larcius Osama bin Laden Blue Laser Lich, Fiend of Earth Archbishop Lazarus

This space reserved for Marilyn Manson

Timothy McVeigh Josef Mengele Slobodan Milosevic Ho Chi Minh Benito Mussolini
(This space reserved for

Arthas Menethil)

Freddie Mercury MI5 and all other non CIA/FBI terrorism fighting organizations (This space reserved for

Robert Mugabe)

Muhammad Ta Mok


NSMC Nihlathak

Lee Harvey Oswald

Madalyn Murray O'Hair This space reserved for

Mullah Omar


Pol Pot

Augusto Pinochet This space reserved for

Harry Potter

Palpatine Politicians and other assorted government officials
(This space reserved for all unlisted Al Qaeda members) (This space reserved for Quakers)

Gregory Rasputin

Ronald Reagan Charles Carl Roberts IV[4] Jacob Robida Gene Roddenberry Christopher Reeve

Contestro Sevornkey

Lucius Cornelius Sulla This space reserved for

Ashley Simpson

Tupac Shakur Anna Nicole Smith

This space reserved for Mickey Suttle


Mao Tse-Tung

Hideki Tojo Ieyasu Tokogawa This space reserved for

Jesse Timmendequas


Uchiha Itachi

This space is reserved for

Uchiha Sasuke


Brandon Vedas

This space reserved for

Varg Vikernes


Willie Williams

Oscar Wilde Oprah Winfrey

Deng Xiaoping


Xinhai Yang


Giuseppe Zangara

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