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A national sport is an activity quite popular when:

  • A country's population can't afford beer due to inflation
  • A country's population can't afford beer due to... the Russians.

Selected countries nationals sports[edit]

Sport wrestling web.jpg
You are sports.jpg
Elephant taunting (India)
Cricket (New Zealand)
Country National sport
Afghanistan Bloodbath
Albania Revolution
Argentina Nazi hunting
Australia Taking things that don't belong to them. ie. Pavlova, Buzzy Bees, and Split Enz
Bahrain Rioting
Bolivia Llama spotting
Bosnia and Herzegovinotchiachoveunta Smoking, civil war, soccer
The burger kingdom Javelin
Canada Moose Shagging
Cyprus Independence, hunting down Turks
Czech Republic Dart, hunting down Turks
Denmark Pictionary
United Arab Emirates Kitten huffing, hunting down Turks
Easter Island Tug of war
Egypt Kalaha
England Tiddlywinks
Estonia Gambling
Faroe Islands Something-involving-fish
Finland Schalke
Empire of the Four Squares Tar
France Smoking, Non-Smoking, Formation surrendering
Gabon Talking
Germany Goose step
Greenland Beerdrinking, hunting down Turks
Guatemala Midget wrestling
Japan Pokémon, Sharking, Bukkake, Seppuku
Haiti Ukulele
Happy-land Russian roulette
Hungary Pornography production extraodinaire
India Infiltrating England
Israel Occupying
Italy Sobbing
Kazakhstan Kokpar
Latvia Getting killed by Russians, getting Russians killed
Lebanon Terrorism
Lithuania Borrowing money
Nepal Slope bowling
New Zealand Sodomising Sheep
Norway Milk the Bull While Wearing Suspenders and Skis
Pitcairn Islands Foot fucking
Poland Migrating to Scandinvia, talking funny
Russia EVOL!
Scotland Who cares?
Slovenia Sucking
Sweden Masturbation
Thailand Winning Eleven
Turkey Pinball
UK unethical experimentation/unnessesary surgery
USA Friendly fire
Wales UnNews:The_Beautiful_Game
West Korea Soccer
Yorkshire Walking round b'at 'at, bathtub racing