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RIAA-backed counter-revolutionary forces attempt to stop spinning 33rpm hard disk

Revolution was invented by William Revolution. Revolution is the utmost conformity with non-authority and it is the greatest thoughtcrime to think of revolution. A revolution is an uprising of slowly rotating peoples, angered at realising that they've been merely going around in circles for years. These people often fall over due to a loss of equilibrium and of dizziness. This is known as 'dance-dance'. A country's Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) can be used to estimate how quickly that country isn't progressing.

The power created from the motion of these misunderstood people, identified by their "power to the people" slogan, is harnessed through inner-laid copper conductors which absorb the life and soul of the rotating subject. These conductors then transform the centripital force of the rotations into a used form of lithium ion batteries which then, in turn, fuel the senators and other empirical officials of the empire like Senator Palpatine and even Yoda himself.

The revolutionary war was a conflict between good and evil, but neither won. This was because it is so revolutionary that it completely revolutionised how wars were fought and lost.

Originally a term used to explain the inner workings of the galactic empirical army who run life, the universe and everything, the Revolution is currently fronted by the evil artist formerly known as Prince.

'Revolution' might also be used to define a 'person' (aka. humanoid)

İt is also a well documented historic fact that some individuals might consider themselves to be 'revolutionaries'. Doctors suggest such individuals relax and smoke lots of weed to get over the angst associated with such pressure.

Pedantically (and rightfully ignoring all the above), revolution actually means "to volute again" ... like we did last summer.

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