Matryoshka doll

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Matryoshka doll
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A typical Russian doll family.
Scientific classification
Kingdom Russia

Matryoshka (Russian for Macintosh) are Russian dolls of obese women made out of wood that cannot stop giving birth.


The first Russian doll goes back to the 17th century when an old lady made out of wood called "Babushka" would hold travelling shows of women made out of wood dancing around. Years later, lords would pay women made out of wood to reproduce in front of them. It became popular to have one on your shelf.

The Dark Ages[edit]

The Communists made the Russian dolls have cruel and unusual punishments.

Unfortunately, the Soviets invaded Russia. They kept Matryoshka dolls locked away in concentration camps, and any children that they produced were kidnapped and used as slaves. However, the Communists were defeated by the Fabergé egg army and the Russian dolls were released from the camps.

Russian dolls today[edit]

A modern Russian doll family.

Today, Russian dolls are like any normal family. They live, they breathe, they die, well, actually, they can't die. Many have gone on to marry Russian presidents.

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