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Sauron is Lord of the Dance.

Welcome to Uncyclopedia, the free encyclopedia of politically incorrect non-information.

Uncyclopedia is an encyclopedia full of misinformation and utter lies. It's sort of like Congress or Parliament. Unlike Congress or Parliament, however, we do have a sense of humor. Nonetheless, this one of the only factual pages, before everything turns into a puddle of utter confusion and disarray. Savor it. And for the love of Sophia, we know you like disarray, but stop adding confusion to this page to spite the disclaimer.

Uncyclopedia is a Wiki, and it allows you to contribute articles of your own. Before writing for Uncyclopedia, please read the How To page to learn how to properly format text in an article. Please also read the funny guidelines. If you are interested in flaming and trolling here at Uncyclopedia, please read the rules of battle first. Flamewars are encouraged as long as they follow the rules.

Finally, if an article offends you, resist your urge to mess it up. CLOSE YOUR BROWSER WINDOW. IT WILL AUTOMAGICALLY DISAPPEAR WITH THREE MOUSE CLICKS FEWER.

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GlobalTourniquet wins Writer of the Month for September in the typical fashion of some prolific writer who has been abscent for 2 years only to return with bold, new ideas for their writing! It should also be noted apart from the fact he is back that he is talented in what he writes and he does a fine job managing UnNews. So hats off to GlobalTourniquet, may he bring many, exciting articles to Uncyclopedia!

Seriously, we love you.

Noob of the Moment is the award that all newbies want and Sinner George has pulled that off excellently (being the second Greek to have this award!) It should be mentioned that his username is deceptive, he is actually a very good George writing new master pieces and getting on well with the dynamics of Uncyclopedia. You should congratulate him on this prestigious honor.

Hats off to you George, may you bbe with us for many months years to come!

It is said last months winner has an ego comparable to Napoleon but both of these people are nothing compared to the ego of Frosty, as both winner of Uncyclopedian of the Month (second time!) and the writer of this update he will stain this section with vanity and how wonderful he is. Frosty is a wonderful Uncyclopedian, he is the best, he will crush you all. He has no time for the likes of you and he is the new administrator and unless you worship him he will take you on a free of charge trip on the banwagon!


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