Enter the Dragon

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Enter The Dragon
Directed by Clint Eastwood
Written by Goku
Starring Bruce Lee

John Saxon

Robert Wall

Some guy with an Afro

Produced by Donald Rumsfeld
Distributed by Sleazey Smut Productions
Release date 4/12/1972
Runtime 82 minutes
Language English
Budget $5.38

2 Disc Special Edition released in 2005 sold 20 million copies in New Jersey but zero in Idaho.

Enter the Dragon, often considered the most compelling martial arts film released in 1972 (but often overshadowed the superior Godzilla v Gigan launched a young Bruce Lee, face first, onto the world stage. Filmed over a period of 6 and 1/2 days (Lee rests on the 7th& 1/2 and so should we), the film includes a debut by Jackie Chan. Sadly, no ladders, shovels or brooms were available to Chan as film props because WWE had taken them all for their Paper-view-event- he didn't stand a chance and had his neck snapped with a casual twist of Lee's (iron plated)wrist. The MPAA gave the movie an R rating for Poorly conceived violence, potty mouth actors and a brief scene of nudity displaying a dog's penis.

Plot Summary[edit]

Bruce Lee pretty much kills everyone in sight. Also the final fight involves the at first seemingly invincible Karim Abdul Jabar. The climax is at the beginning of the film where Lee climbs a tree to save a dog whilst being shouted at by his wife.


The script, having been composed by the same fiends who gave the world Pong! the Movie, was immediately refused by Universal Studios and, therefore, the concept was pitched to the fairly new production company, Sleazy Smut Productions. Initially, the production company was reluctant to make a motion picture completely devoid of a naked cheerleader shower romp. However, the film was to be so ridiculously violent that it would still be banned in many developed countries with a christian right wing. The budget, limited and modest, merely paid for Lee's acting fee. Shortly after completion of the film, Lee killed everyone involved, solving the wage dilemma. The movie was still expected to flop due to lack of interest in the subject - seeing Americans getting beaten up by an Asian.

Original Poster Promo Idea, Clint Eastwood thought it wouldn't attract a younger crowd and it was cut.


Production was difficult with the presented budget director Clint Eastwood was worried that he would go over and put the movie in the red early. So he borrowed a typical Chicago home for filming. Several things were taken out ot reduce spending including most scenes with blood. Scenes that featured blood were nothing more than ketchup packets smothered on actors' jaws after lunch break. The fight scenes were also very difficult to preform for Bruce Lee who was suffering from laziness a progress hindering disease. Still despite all these problems and much more the movie finished on schedule and way under budget.


The reviews from critics were as mixed as a ham salad. Roger Ebert thought the movie was a brilliant work of extract art, accurately depicting the struggle of a young polish writer in post-war Warsaw. It is widely suspected that he never saw the film! Some were of the opinion that it was a mediocre flick aimed at simple kicks to the groin and punches below the belt. However, the majority of critics had to admit the twenty minute fight scene between Lee and cha cha Chan was the highlight of the movie. It has a current Rotten Tomatoes rating of 66% - Bruce Lee found out about this score and he once inched punched the critics into the future where they where transported to the exact time of the sun’s supernova. Still, many people (if they can be given that title) went to see the movie and, shortly after the opening, a significant profit was recorded. The total grossing revenue for Enter The Dragon was $1 in America. This was much higher than anybody thought it would be especially Lee who, up until his death a week later, claimed he had no involvement with the film.