Port Arthur Massacre

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The film has widely been considered as the major influence behind Australian Immigration Policy, since the mid 90s.


~ Rocky on Port Arthur massacre

The Port Arthur Massacre is a film, and is the 4th part of the Rambo series of productions, starring Sylvester Stallone. It's working title was Rambo: First Blood: Part 4: Killing random tourists. It was sadly taken far too seriously in the media, and some people thought that there were actual deaths as a result. Threatening to blackmail the production staff, producers agreed to pay off 100 or more "families of victims" in return for their silence as to the movie's true nature. The fictional event is suggested to have occurred in or around the town of Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia, from 10pm 27 April 1996 - 8.25am 29 April 1996.


After returning from his latest mission, Rambo heads to Australia for a holiday. On a nationwide holiday, he ends up in Tasmania, and is suggested to go to Port Arthur. Seeing the prisons, the insane asylum, and all of the history, Rambo gets flash backs from the Vietnam War, and goes in to overdrive.

Port Arthur is a fictional town in the unreleased movie "Rambo: First Blood: Part IV: Killing random tourists" (aka Port Arthur massacre). Scenes from the movie were actually shot in Texas, Ontario in Canada, China and Tasmania, Australia.

The killings[edit]

He fills up a bag full of automatic weapons, puts on a fake blonde wig, and enters a shop, then starts to kill everyone in the room, thinking that they are the enemy. He proceeds to kill all witnesses, seeing Viet Cong everywhere, until he ends up stuck in a hotel, where he sits down in great distress.

The owners of the hotel, called Noelene and David Martin, walk in to comfort Rambo, but he sees them as Viet Cong and shoots them dead. One of their employees, a mentally disabled man called Martin Bryant, comes in to comfort Rambo, and he takes pity on him, seeing him as a small boy. Rambo then stays to take on the entire Tasmanian Special Operations Group single handedly, setting up an intricate series of wires so that it appears as if there are several more people in the hotel, and takes them on for several hours.

After a long standoff, Rambo sets fire to the hotel, through self-exploding automatic weapons, and leaps through the flames. Martin Bryant waves goodbye, and is arrested as his sacrifice to help Rambo to escape. All is well.


The public reaction was that Rambo 4 was such a bad movie that was in such bad taste that the production house didn't even want to admit to making it. As such, they let people believe that the events were actually real. Anyone who thought that they saw Rambo was asked to please change their story and pretend that it was really Martin Bryant.

After effects[edit]

This movie saw the end of the Rambo character and of the series as a whole.