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Doctor Bong is shown here with all his fantasy accoutrements.

Doctor Bong (real name, Weedicus Pufficus) is a fictional supervillain, marijuana master, herb bird, wheat sheet, and strain of dope appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, franchised to drug dens across Europe. The character possesses an advanced knowledge of genetic engineering and potency and a spiffy, bell-shaped helmet. He is depicted as an arch-foe of both Howard the Duck and the FBI.

The popular herb has nothing to do with Doctor Bong's prowess.

His abilities include being a genius scientist with an advanced knowledge of genetic engineering. His helmet can be struck to create a number of effects and thus he often relies on his "bell end" (the one on his head; get your brain out of the gutter).

Doctor Bong is one of the many villains kidnapped into a blunt contest staged by cosmic hippie Wiz Khalifa. The strain potency of the hero's bong helmet is a vital part of his winning plan.

Doctor Bong created imperfect clones of Captain America, Moon Knight, and Black Widow and lured Deadpool into teaming up with them.

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