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Elektra's sai make her on par with Wolverine at stabbing people but without the mess of bleeding out of your hands all the time, while her lack of clothing makes her more agile and marketable. In fact much of the reason she's so cold and dead on the inside is due to her drafty outfit.

Elektra was created by Frank Miller during his run on Daredevil in the early 80's. Miller was a long time fan comic book author Sigmund Freud the creator of Wonder Woman and feeling Superman had already overplayed the Oedipus complex with women and arch enemies with the initials L.L., Miller wanted to explore Freud's Elektra complex, the way Wonder Woman never could, not having any father. He studied countless medical journals and court cases to come up with such legally and psychologically realistic narratives as brain cancer can make you think everyone is the same person out to get you triggering a mass murdering spree, thus earning you the insanity defense. Miller gave Elektra the same great complexity and depth of any male superhero, imbuing her with all the same thinly but colorfully veiled high octane adrenaline pumping sense of vengeance created by a great familial tragedy and directed into the form of fighting a never ending wave of gangsters: the first and only stage of accepting a loss for superheroes.

Backside Background[edit]

Elektra and Matt fell in love in college, both outcasts, she for having body guards as the Greek ambassador escorting her between classes around campus as the Greek ambassador's daughter and he as seemingly the world's fastest blind person, well on his way to winning the paralympic marathon just from running to classes. He soon revealed he had been given heightened senses, rather than brain cancer from a radioactive canister hitting him in the head. Elektra, like all women according to Dr. Freud, was a living lie detector, just as Murdock had become, and immediately knew Matt was telling the truth because his heart beat remained the same, and thus required no medical test to confirm what he just said about having a radar organ.

Like Wonder Woman Elektra Natchios is a Greek lingerie model. Unlike Wonder Woman, who slapped a lot of Japs during the war, who all seemed to have all lost their glasses given how much they squinted, Elektra has a decent relationship with the people of Japan as the first white ninja to join The Hand following the death of her father during an unpredictable hostage situation not in the least bit made any easier for the police to manage by the presence of a couple of collegiate vigilantes from Columbia University.

Electra died while acting as Kingpin's enforcer, instilling fear and picking up lots of pizza, when Bullseye tragically made her slip on a strategically placed banana peel and fall off of one of the seemingly endless mountains of rooftops across New York, down onto some marbles, falling down a flight of stairs and onto a skate board headed into traffic. However it turned out The Hand weren't just ninjas but zombie ninjas, and a couple months later she was fine.

Hand modeling[edit]

Like the mob, ninjas don't really ever allow you to leave, so much of Elektras time is spent on the run from the former undead ninja assassins/hand modeling agency. Outsiders are often confused why none of the male ninjas have to dress like strippers, however they fail to understand the complex cultural nuances regarding proper ninja attire. Centuries ago, The Hand and The Foot splintered over a dispute about whether it was cooler to wear armor or not, with The Hand believing armor is for people who are slow and get hit, shoulder elbow, knee pads and helmets taking more lives than they save by impeding movement, while The Foot who believed in turning ninjas into tanks, having clearly confused them with samurai. Thus from The Hands point of view, fighting half naked is one of the most ninja things you can do.

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