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Amazing Anaolgies #2

The Igloo is a comic book superhero featured in Marvel Comics. The Igloo is a large Arctic dwelling made of ice that has gained sentience and super human powers. The Igloo first appeared in a back story of Amazing Fantasy #327 which was written by Alan Moore, and has since gone on to being one of Marvel's most recognizable characters.

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The Igloo started out as a perfectly normal hut made of ice, that was until a gamma-irradiated polar bear urinated on it. Somehow, the polar bear pee gave the Igloo sentience and powers far beyond those of normal Eskimo housing. Not surprisingly, this brought Wolverine running from the bar he'd been getting plastered in and straight into conflict with the aspiring super being. During the melee, Wolverine accidentally disembowelled the Eskimo family that created The Igloo. As the life blood of his beloved family poured into the snow, the Igloo vowed vengeance upon his hated enemy. This of course was completely forgotten once Wolvie hit the big time in the X-men.

Notable Appearances[edit]

  • Amazing Analogies #2(see photo):Easily the most famous battle in the Igloo's career. When the supervillian Seal-Clubber manipulates Spider-Man into fighting the Igloo. The two heroes duke it out in one of the most classic scenes ever drawn in comic books. Once the two heroes realize the Seal-Clubber is responsible, they team up and defeat the villain most soundly.
  • All Hitler Funnies #27: When disembodied head of Adolf Hitler switches bodies with the Igloo, it takes all of his wits to defeat the Fűher and his army of cyborg penguins.
  • Gulf Coast Avengers # 16: When Galactus gets drunk after consuming the planet of the Celestial Winemakers, he embues the cosmic power upon the Igloo.
  • Secret Invasion #5: It is revealed that the Igloo appearing for the last several years was actually a skrull. It is unknown how this revelation will effect his involvement in the Gulf Coast Avengers.


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