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Welcome to the Undictionary, an ick!tionary of all things best left unsaid.

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When you make a good call on someone, you have to say WAKALULU! it is a forcefull anomatopia (i don't think that is how you spell it, but oh well), which is something often found in a comic book fight, such as BAM, WACK, KABOOM! WAKALULU is a creation made by myself and introduced to the Australian Capital Terratory by myself and my friend. If you use it, and you see a dumb look on the victim's face, than you have achieved.

Kristjan: "Wakaluluuuuu!!!"


-When a wall is stuffed into the deck of your mom's house
-Used in the context: "You are soo waldeck today!"
-Another name for a professor in the art of computer technologies
-Definition: (varies) cute, short, stubby, lawn gnome, ugly, hidious, bunnies, homework buddy, homework destroyer, teacher, grave digger, your mom, amazing, and/or the best typer in history.
-Another name for the village idiot


The gyrations you go through when you try to get your wallet out of your back pants pocket in the drive through lane.

Walking Corpse[edit]

Walking corpse.jpg

Most people think that walking corpses are dead rotten people coming back to life. The fact is, everyone can be a walking corpse after gradual transformation. Upon transformation completion, some like to wander in the streets looking for something they don't know, some of them like to pick up a fight or cause bigger trouble, yet some are harmless. These can be achieved by consuming large amounts of horse urine and other varieties of beverages of that kind. Some famous names include Dumbweiser, Keith Richards, and the greatest of them all, "Zombie".


The correct plural for walrus in not in fact “walrii” but rather “walrussesses”. This vast misconception is described by some as “probably the most successful hoodwink of the last 500 years” and ranks only slightly behind Hitler’s purported execution of a few Jews. The “walrii myth” was originally started by a primary school teacher by the name of Wilber Snox (1634 – 1945). Surprisingly, his extraordinarily lifespan was not attributable to regular colonic irrigation (as he protested,) or a typing error. Rather, it was due to demonic pact with one of the lesser known demons of Hell; Lord Walrii. Under the pretence of educating his students on the intricacies of pluralizing words he would have them chant “Walrii!!! Walrii!!! “Walrii!!!” Thus, what originally began as a primitive form of devil worship slowly became engrained in our everyday language. Snox’s practise of colonic irrigation is yet to catch on to the same extent. However, regardless of how you flush out your rear, if you have ever used, read or thought word “warlii” you are pretty much going to Hell. Soon.


1.Any of a large order of semiaquatic mammals.
2.A very large ASS caused by a lack of bowel evacuation.

Walrus (The)[edit]

2. Kaylee Newcomb's ASS. (see also Two Monkeys Attacking Eachother in a Canvas Bag)


WMV stands for Weapons of Masochistic Vicars. Vicars in Mongolian Europe are known to carry these devices with them where ever they happen to go, which is normally just the grocery store, and maybe a stop at the pub for a pint.

A typical WMV is a long, pointed stick with the words "touch it and die" written on the shaft.


A greeting common to all those knowledgeable about all things. Anyone who does not know Waddah! should be considered a heretic and burnt at the stake.

Waddah! Was created by @gent-$mithy.


  • Waddah! must be spelt as shown here. Other spellings may not be tolerated and it should be immediately followed by an exclaimation point.
  • Waddah! must be responded immediately to by a similar exclaimation of Waddah!
For Example
<ChanServ> Mindful has joined channel
<Mindful> Waddah!
<Woodley> Waddah!
<Gareth> Waddah!
<Jeffers> Waddah!
<b0B> Waddah!
<James> WTF????
<Woodley> BURN THE WITCH!!ONE11!!ONE11!!!
<Brooki> I like cows....


pronounced (Waaaaaa-full, waffle)


term used describe when your PI switches you from one project onto another in a seemingly random fashion. Yet in a way that's more random than Random. For instance, you're working on a paper, and the PI asks for you to join him during lunch. After lunch you're working in a sweat shop in Hong Kong, because it will be "better for your project." There appears to be a bit of bitterness involved with waffling. Involves a waffler and a waflee

Walrus 1.Fat thing with tusks 2. That chick at the end of the bar. Dude, she's eyeing you...


  1. The amount of pay one receives, the lowest amount being "minimal wage".
  2. A character class that combines warrior and mage. Weak wages are referred to as "minimal wage".
  3. The wages of sin are death. After taxes, what's left is a vague tired feeling.
  4. Jonathan Ross's angry state

Wake 'n Bake[edit]

A process which is enjoyed by pot heads all around the world. It is often described as "having a joint for breakfast." A proper wake 'n bake is normally accompanied by a beer or another alchoholic beverage.

Walker, Texas Ranger[edit]

Official title of George W. Bush, since his inception in 1963. Has gun, will travel extensively during five-month vacation from office.


n. pronounced (Wohl miert)

  1. A term used for the American Government
  2. A store that sells guns and movies with people doggystyling but doesn't believe the F-word should appear on CDs

v. To completely screw somebody over

Ex. Sam was clearly the prime choice for the Sons of Rikers scholarship, but the university Wal-Marted him out of it, opting to give it to a Lebanese carpet repairman instead.


  • Things that keeps things out. Or in. Only ways to go through walls are doors and windows.
  • The evil thing included into mazes just to frustrate you.


n. 1. A guy's thing. 2. That Chinese guy from the bar.


n. Pronounced (Whang-lee-ness)

  1. The size, shape, or quality of one's penis.
  2. In conjunction with "your," a term of respect.

Ex. Your wangliness is impressive, your wangliness.


n, adj. Pronounced (War-na-ker)

Has absolutely nothing to do with the dubious pastime of masturbation, which is a disgusting pastime involving the manual release of pent-up cat fur. Instead it is an accurate description of pretty much everything, in particular France, as in

Pierre: "Did you go to France for your holidays?"

Jean-Claude: "No, France is wank"

see also america and Bank


An australian term for "Dickhead". it can be used in many ways and that is why the australian language is far more dominant than any other in the universe, with exceptions for Klingon. -'Wanker' in Aussie dialog- >God hes a wanker >Man, i can be a wanker some times well you can really describe just about any noun as a wanker.. especially if they are american!!!!


Warbling, a shortened version of the full name "War Bling" is any souvenir picked up by a soldier while at war, especially those made of gold or silver.


A person who takes excessive, illicit pleasure in secretly watching other people fight.

Warrior Wombat[edit]

Close cousin of the Drop Bear, Warrior Wombats are known to be avid listeners of The Beatles


A war declared against those who would wish to make war against their neighbor. Has been classified as a weapon of mass destruction by most governments, given that, if used, Warrorism could release an explosion of irony so large it could engulf a large city.

Not to be confused with the Jihad, which has religious meaning.

Warsaw Pact[edit]

Originally agreed upon during the Cold War which raged upon the Soviets and Americans in an era where there was non stop snow and people had to fight in order to keep warm. The war was intended to be kept a tight secret. Thus, when one day a few civillians Saw the War, they decided to make a Pact to keep it a secret. Initially called the SawWar Pact, they decided to reverse it to Warsaw to keep it a secret from the relevant authorities.

Was invented by[edit]

Was invented by was invented by Oscar Wilde”

~ Oscar Wilde on Was invented by



"Testicles, spectacles, wallet and... Aww dammit, I knew I forgot something"


A Watch is an explosive device used to make objects sometimes explode but often make far away objects appear closer and clearer. Some heathens call this a "binocular", which is obviously logical. A "bin" is never used for looking at anything, and "cul" is a rude word in French. The first watch was invested by Oscar Wilde in 120 AD, even though Bill Gates attempted to steal his idea with Windows 95.

People who fail to realise this are the same sort who never fully grasp that a shock absorber is quite obviously a part of a vehicles electrical system and nothing else.


The psychological malady of checking one's watchlist obsessively.


The Mecca for all Bookworms throughout the UK. Usually stocked with obscure and over priced copies of the Oxford English Dictionary. Frequented by humanities students and staffed by failed post-graduates.


Waterboard is an American English noun that means 'drown the shit out of'. It is often used when trying to explain democracy to Muslims. It is not torture. That's a fact.


A weapon is a thing used for killing weak people.

Famous weapons include:

  • Pneumatic Goat Launcher - devastatingly powerful goatage.
  • Hammer and sickle - used in the Communist Rebellion
  • The Candidate - TV-show which roasts your brain
  • lampoon
  • mineral water - used to drown people
  • AK-47 - originally created by a droid named AK-47 residing on Nar Shadaa
  • Forks:The forks are the favourite weapon of demon-people. Famous one's include 'Gates' (Satan's beloved fork, 'Abe Lincoln' - owned by Jack the Ripper and Arnold Schwarzneggers 'Vodka'
    • Fork U - silver-coloured fork used in duels
    • Ironfork - produced in the Iron forge of Debian
    • Sourcefork - the mightiest of the forks

Weapons of Brass Construction[edit]

Hammer, anvil, welding torch, etc.

Weapons of Maths Instruction[edit]

Compass, ruler, calculator etc.

Weapons of Mass Destruction[edit]

Rallying cry used by belligerant Western politicians who fancy attacking and invading any country, preferably Middle Eastern, that have inferior armies and weapons --- and large oil reserves, of course.

Weapons of Wrath Induction[edit]

A blog, treatise, book, radio address or casual comment made about anything at any time, with content designed to piss you the hell off... or not... depending on how you look at it. One example is claiming your state senator is actually a homosexual. Another example is hearing your mother-in-law comment about your dress ("What a nice costume. What's the occasion, dear?"), hearing your boyfriend comment about your dress ("I did not say you were fat! I just said you might want to wear something else."), and hearing your sister comment about your dress ("You look like a fat clown. Lose a few pounds before you wear that again. Oh, and you look horrid in pink.").


Proper n. As in Hugo Weaving, half elf, half matrix security program, inventor of forming cloth with threads, and later a master criminal known only by the letter V.


The intense feeling of pleasure experienced when one's underwear is shoved up one's rear-end is hard to describe. Oh, it hurts so good. Many females have been known to intentionally give themselves wedgies (see thong, g-string).


  1. (Adjective) Having beneficial properties.
  2. A watery representation of hell.

Welsh Rarebit[edit]

A Cardiff virgin.


  1. a person who is not a normalo
  2. a person who doesn't know what a normalo is


Ashram based super-group formed by Rivers Cuomo in 1992 with Rivers Cuomo on Electric Guitar and Rivers Cuomo on Vocals. Occasionally groups with unknown musicians such as Brian Bell, Scott Shriner, and Patrick Wilson. Their hits include "Undone - The Sweater Song" "Buddy Holly", "Ironically Cool", and "I Can't Believe You Buy This Shit." Recently, Frontman Rivers Cuomo branched off and formed another super-group "Rivers Cuomo", their latest album, "South of Heaven", was released on November 25, 2008.

Sounds Like:

Rivers Cuomo


Certain long haired, sandaled religious figures (Really though, they influenced him)


Used for zex by disabled people such as Stephen Hawking


A physics teacher who doesn't teach and assigns twelve metric ass-tons of internet homework per nanocentury (which, coincidentally and to within half a percent, is pi seconds). Luckily most of the work in his class is optional.


Used for people who read the parlimentary election report Wenck It is also a word that plans to take over the full stop Wenck In fact, we are using wenck instead of a full stop Wenck

Westminster Parliament[edit]

The Westminster Parliament was the name of the rival rock band to the Eastminster Parliament. Using three drumkits and some tramps stolen from the streets of Southwark, they sunk into obscurity (Sussex) in 1996.


Contrary to popular belief, the whale is indeed a fish. I mean, it's got fins for God's sake! What more do you want? Additionally they should be saved. In fact if you work at it you can collect the whole set!


Australian word. Of the Bogan variety. Roughly translated in English as mean What the F?@#$ ever!

What Is?[edit]

Pron; "WhatIs?" - vocalized in a hollering voice. Language: Bogan! (native caucasian Australian's - (as translated by Huck ).

Its not the question "What Is?" it's really askin > " Hey bro, got anything you wanna f*ckin tell me about?" In the wild it's standard procedure to slowly back away if no reply is given, especially if he's handling a large Monkey Wrench

What sup Doc?[edit]

Enquiry to medical practitioner regarding his/her choice of refreshment. Not to be confused with the question posed by a particularly irritating cartoon rabbit i.e. "What's up Doc?"

Wheeling Peachblow[edit]

A Medieval Jesters technique combining Bernoulli's Principle of fluid dynamics with basic circus skills in order to transport peaches around court. Practitioners rode unicycles and blew hard beneath a peach keeping it suspended in mid air in a manner similar to that which can be observed by hovering a table tennis ball above the air flow from a modern hair drier , a technique itself known as "Pong Blow" , "Pong Hover" or "Ping Pong Wizardry".


n. the traditional cry of elation made when reaching the summit of Alpine mountains.


1: Pronunciation for WWAN
2: A third-party internet connectivity device that the user didn't read the instructions for and expects their company help-desk, technically inclined friend/relative, or local nerd to support (pretty much anyone except the provider of the device).


Old Anglo-saxon word for the teardrop shaped piece of shit that gets stuck in your jap-eye after anal sex. That's straight up. Go look in a dictionary. No, a bigger one.

Wipper day[edit]

The term to describe when a person has a bad day, including:

  • Confused mental state
  • Making poor decisions
  • Unable to make any logical thoughts
  • Being in a zombie-like dream world


From the Gaelic Uisge-beatha, meaning Och aye stitch that laddie See also: Whiskey

White Castle[edit]

White Castle is a figurative term used by poets and songwriters throughout the ages. Typically it refers to a maiden who "lives high up in her White Castle, never to come down." This applies to all women.

White Scottler[edit]

(n) From 'white settler'; a person moving to the Highlands of Scotland with every outward sign of embracing the change of lifestyle but who harbours, deep in their soul, the hope that John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, Sainsbury's, Harrods and London will follow them.

White Trash[edit]

(n.) 1.Non-recyclable paper. 2.Trash that is spray painted white so as to be more easily recycled.


n. a woodwind instrument for those with a speech impediment.

Who, The[edit]

  1. A band who sang "Hope I die before I get old." Well, two down, two to go...


See Paris Hilton


The most ancient language of 4-year-olds, Why is used mostly in a form of monologue consisting of two words and an expression.

Examples: why, because, shut up!

In modern (adult) language is used mostly in reference to the "Why" language in philosophy, although some lexical constructs (shut up!) are widely used.


Because of 42.


The Wiccapedia is the Internet encyclopedia for all things Wicca. By Wiccan decree, it may only be viewed by other Wiccans and North Californians.


An oximoronic replacement of the word "really" used by persons of New England. Originating from the growing popularity of the wicked witch of the west. i.e: wicked sweet, wicked awesome, wicked hard.

Widely Considered[edit]

Santa Claus is Widely Considered
  1. What you say when you're sort of pretending to be unbiased but your target audience is really all on your side anyway and what you're really trying to say is that something is "widely considered" by you to be true, which of course they already agree with, so it's sorta preaching to the choir.
  2. n. People who are fat but not really can be widely considered. If you use biased phrases like widely considered on Wikipedia, they will burn you at the stake. With a reaction like that, who can resist?


  1. Wido Van Lijf (1821 - 1963) - one of a group of psychotic fascists who vied brutally for supremacy shortly after the fall of Genas Kahn. Wido is remembered fondly for his large shoulders, taunt upper body and his legendary tolerance for alcohol. Wido is generally accepted to have invented the "war cry". When charging into battle his yelping and crying would disarm and confuse his opponents who would then hesitate, unsure if he was actually a woman. While described by many as "generally a likeable chap" there are rumors of domestic abuse and assult which have never truly been brought into the public areana. This dark and mysterious aspect to his character has prevented the Catholic church from considering him for Sainthood.
  2. a carnivorous toadstool


v. to accost someone with a toupee.


n, slang. Short form of WikiWikiWildWildWest, a collaborative content publishing system developed by Will Smith.


A user on Wikipedia who maintains the totalitarian, iron-fisted, anarchist-dicatorship fundamentals of Wikipedia, by deleting any article you create withing seconds of you creating it. They also ruthlessly attack any edit, and simply "protect" the page from anything that might criticize Wikipedia. They are known to silence and censor a supposedly free and democratic place in a behind-the-curtain conspiracy remeniscent of the Bush administration. They have repeatedly deleted articles suck as Wikinazi, which reveal their corrupt, Putinistic, stranglehold on anything that criticzes Wikipedia or its Wikinazis. (Please excuse the rampant unfunnyness of this entry, as the Wikinazis won't allow it on Wikipedia, and this is the only other place where people might see it. Feel free to edit and make funnier, I entered this to bring to attention the rampant Wikinazism.)


n. The condition of having a segment of your brain embedded in a wiki for reference, but finding you have forgotten the references. In its more serious form not only does the sufferer not remember where he made contributions but ceases to recognise his own material even denying that he knew anything about the subject.


Wikings are free vikings that can edit anyone.


  1. n. The unhealthy sexual desire for young children, user infoboxes, and wheel wars.
  2. young children don't like the taste of semen


A rather unfunny parody of Uncyclopedia.


Pron; Will-dee-bee-stee. Commonly found in West Africa these nocturnal creatures will migrate (during the night when you're in bed) thousands of miles to find a bingo hall. The "lead" animal will always be selected because of his/her map-reading skills and the fact they have shown "promise" with the use of a compass. The "lead" animal will, without question, also have to be a special kind of stupid to cross the rivers first.

Wile E. Coyote[edit]

Genius, 2nd class, right behind Charles Dickens, Real name is William Effrum Coyote the Third


A baby saying dildoe for the first time.

Will Halcomb[edit]

(noun) person in history

Will Halcomb is a young villain. Raised in the back of a Chinese laundry house from his birth on February 21, 1994, Halcomb was taught the secrets of Sin-jen-dai, a martial art once thought to be forgotten. He is quite charismatic (and quite possibly communist), and one can not help but be disgusted by his care-free attitude and obnoxious (yet oddly intoxicating) honk of a laugh. He is constantly struggling to overcome his self-proclaimed arch nemesis, Mark Hammontree (who is significantly more talented and better-looking). Halcomb claims to have invented the wheel, salt, and fire (brutally killing any who dare contradict him); he is an using usurper, a damn dastardly demon, and an affluent alliterator.

William Fitzsimmons[edit]


William Wallace[edit]

William Wallace was a six-foot tall Scotsman with an Australian accent. After baring their bums at the English sassenach army led by Edward I, he proceeded to tan their arses at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297. The English wankers later got their revenge at the Battle of Falkirk, and he was tickled to death by them in London in 1305. A piercingly accurate biography of his life, "Braveheart", was later made by Hollywood director, Oscar Wilde, who also starred in the film.

Willy Shakes[edit]

  1. The common, or hip, name of William Shakespeare, such as he was called back in the Olde days.
  2. How a human male attempts to get that last drop of pee off of his penis without staining his trousers.
  3. Symptom of withdrawal among cock addicts.


n. a young lady from New Zealand.


Windbag is the type of person you would not want to hang around with, especially when you don't like people who talk too much. The average windbag has a head that resembles a balloon and would make a better vaccuum cleaner than a person you would ever, ever, ever want to hang around with.

List of Famous Windbags include The person who you are talking on the phone with, Ted Kennedy and You.


See WTF?!

Windows Automatic Updates[edit]

1. A pointless, time wasting virus installed by Bill Gates on all computers running Microsoft XP.

2. See Oscar Wilde.


Wingnuts were the Spitfire aces of the Second World War. Piloted by Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Potato Head Man, and others too numerous, they held off the Nazi Hordes of Germany, until MTV rescued everyone.

Also, testicles born with the gift of flight.


This is required by clerics, paladins and druids. It is not to be confused with intelligence


n. an intelligence enhancing drug.


Some scientists believe that witches originate in a cosmological fold, which they name Witchrealm. The fold is completely hypothetical however. Intense probing of universal substructures have not revealed it, though Roy Falsetto believes that a structured search in realm 17 might lead to evidence of its existence. It must then however be explained how the witches could cross the synchronicity barriers between this fold and our universe; most scientists consider realms beyond 11 as disassociated from our existence by such a measure only pink elephants may make the crossing.


To be in connection with your inner senses. See Masterbation.


what had happened to the Balrog when Gandalf had finished with it.


Weapons of Mass Disappearance - these can be found in Iraq and more recently have been reportedly spotted in Iran.


Weapons of Mass Reproduction. Otherwise known as Penis, Pee-pee and Banana.


n. a small rodent-like creature that lives in burrows under common ground and tidies up after humankind. Sadly, through their efforts with nuclear waste they have congenital hare-lip.

Woden Spoon[edit]

Basic cooking utensil used by Anglo-Saxon Gods.


Proper pronunciation of the warcry used to call legions of orcs to your location.

Wolfgang Quick[edit]

Norwegian scientist (1985-infinity) who in 2001 discovered the largest population of intelligent roaches within Saltdal.


1. The wolf's mother

2. Led Zeppelin cover-band


Wom is a little known game played with a wombat. It has seen much decreased popularity in recent decades as, like real croquet, it incurs some significant costs due to the high amount of veterinary surgery required.

It is like a legend : "At the begining was ROM, the Read Only Memory. Then came RAM, the Read Access Memory. At the end, WOM arrived with a question : aren't we the Write Only Memory after all ?"


The useless skin around the vagina.

Woman Hitler[edit]


The Woman Hitler, sometimes disguised as a little old lady or a Mother-in-law, is a dangerous breed of metrosexual, consumerist Charlie Brown. Woman Hitler can be an anacronym for Mother in Law, or a misspelling of the popular phrase "Eat my Shorts" by Bart Simpson.


The Wombles can be found underground, overground or wombling free. The Wombles of Wimbledon Common, they are. Making good use of the things that they find, normally the kind of things that the everyday folk leave behind.


An alternative word for a human bitch. Spelt "wimmin," "womyn," "woooomyn," "warmin," "wyymmyynn" and "dyke", the term's only real clear point of agreement is that it's spelled in many different ways. Will bite if provoked, the only known antidote for the venom is rabid conservatism.


The WOO WOO, as is referred to here, is a most sensitive subject to many women. It causes their need to complain, eat chocolate, and throw kittens out of windows. Women with Woo Woos tend to blame this need on some phony parasite known as PMS. It is also a sensitive site of sexual pleasure. Take note that in a sexual act it requires more time and attention than the male Wee Wee, Johnson,dick, wang, weiner, pecker, or any other mutation from the general penis. Therefore, please pay special oral attention to the Woo Woo before inserting the Wee Wee and beginning the act of The Whoopie.

woop ass (also, "whup ass")[edit]

Found stored in a can, it is usually opened for brevities sake.

Woody Allen[edit]

An erectile state of the human male procreative organ caused by viewing filmed images of younger women, particularly those you previously adopted.


(n)A very hairy person typically a female. As in wookie.

"Hey guys, I wonder how much shower-drain hair that wook produces in a day?" see Chloe


Wop is the sound that cooked pasta makes when it's flung at you by a mad Italian. When frozen, the pasta becomes a Wopsicle.


Pertaining to, applying to, or otherwise referring to a state of the English language wherein over-usage of excessively long terms, redundant restatements or repetitions, or extensively long descriptions occur. Also a strange orange thing that floats, and has letters stuck to it. Famous wordy words that mean wordy are: sequipedalian, and lexicographical.


-Somebody who is addicted to workahol, ALSO ethnohol, or "crack"(of-dawn)

World Bank[edit]

An intergalactic bank where planets are deposited, kept and withdrawn when needed. Interest is often payed in moons. Earth, for instance, was withdrawn a long time ago, in a galaxy far away, when Oscar Wilde decided he was in need of a publishing market.

World Of Warcraft[edit]

A game requiring the input of, Keyboard, Mouse, Zboard, Headset, Life....

Worldwide Do Nothing Day[edit]

There'd be an entry here, but I'm not doing anything.


Beads that eat drop bears, only found on the Australian market. Worry-beads are highly dangerous and if approched would stare you down and eat you! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BURN OR WEAR


A shoe size used for morbidly obese Tomcats

Worst Virus Ever[edit]

The worst virus ever is one of the key exports from the land locked nation of Indonesia. Massive factories dot the rolling hills and desolate plateaus of central indonesia in which millions of 15 year old computer hackers work for $0.03 a week. The entire world anti-virus software industry depends on these factories to survive as the last computer virus to born in the wild of the Internet died in 1996.


the opposite of bettered.


Worthless is, obviously, a synonym for priceless.


Another word... to describe Blair R.T Smith..... The firt "W" in wow stands for Wonderful the "o" stands 4- oh Blair has amazingly GREAT hair today and the last "W" stands for Blair's the greatest! Wow was invented to explain Chuck Norris's Hair, But 1 day when Blair walked past Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris Stopped and stared and gave Blair the full rights to the word... thus the word WOW means Blair is amazing!!!!! lol


Pronounced as Wow - my - zoh - my - god Alternative to ZOMG (see ZOMG) when both ZOMG and OMG are insufficient! Part of the superior Aussie slang dialect.


n. a female adherent of the World Religion sect.


n. the leader of the World Religion sect.

av. To pop a splodge e.g., "I'm just going to my room for a little wrest".


n. A small group of world domination fanatics whose base of operations currently is unknown. Crimes of infamy involve annoyance, jaywalking, and lying. Warning supreme lack of souls.


n. an adherent to the World Religion sect.


Large object used to fondle the crotch of someone with a restraining order against you.


Collective noun for bankers, especially in London patois. 'a wunch of bankers'


(n)1.Often used for greetings. Any other spellings are wrong. See All your base r belong to us 2. Ancient greating of anti-jewish cult leaders to disguise as nerds. see mel gibson


WTF is basically an abbreviation used for the very common phrase, 'Where Is Frank?!?', the I in Is was replaced by a T, due to the 1936 Decepticon occupation of Toronto. It is mostly used during chat sessions such as MSN. It was most famously used in the 1985 Clinton vs The Terminator debate on the Pros and Cons of Kitten Huffing.


1, name for a wrestling league 2. Acronym for World War Forever which is actually a secret cult which was created by the descendents of Hitlers. 3. Word Wildlife Federation which maintains only one organization can have legal rights to that combination of three letters. (Motto: "Our semanticists will see you in court")


Acronym for 3 of the most basic Muslim sayings: "What Would Muhammad Do???", "What Weapons of Mass Destruction???" and "White Wankers, Muslim Dickheads".


After the world wide web (the device constructed to stop the Earth crashing into the Sun) was found to be an economically unviable feat, the US government hastily attempted a cover-up by releasing the WWW. The point of the WWW is that it was constructed to confuse poor misguided fools. As such, it is the only three letter abbreviation that takes longer to say than what it is short for. This was intended to confuse any illiterate people in the vain attempt to get them to cough to death trying to pronounce it. However, after George W. Bush almost choked to death saying it, the CIA had to invent a new purpose for the world wide web, and then blame all of man's problems on pretzels.


World Wide Wombat. A devilish creature born from the loins of George w. Bush in a vain attempt to stop the North Korean government from invading Poland for the second time in the 21st century. Unfortunatley the Wombat grew too large and powerfull to be controlled by the White House and is now known by it's more formal name, Dick Cheyney.


A sexual practice that involves seducing a person by forcing them to listen to the music of Robert Wyatt. This has even been documented in Wikipedia and in the Guardian newspaper.