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Democracy Dies with Dignity UnNews Monday, September 25, 2023, 17:44:59 (UTC)

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2015 British general election
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BBC loses General Election
LONDON -- Red faces and absurd metaphors are filling the newswires this morning as the British public has voted against the BBC, by electing the Conservatives into Parliament. The tax payer funded, "neutral" BBC have been describing the result as “extraordinary”; and are reeling from the loss of power they thought they had over the Country, and it's Ministers.

Announcing their defeat on Newsround, the Childrens BBC News outlet, the main BBC News channels have been busy claiming no one predicted the result; except, of course, the Polls throughout the campaign and sixty million members of the British general public. Full story»

Tory win puts gold-diggers in quandary
RIPON, England -- Middle-class-hating middle-class women who think they are working-class have been confounded by the Tories' victory in the UK’s general election. Attractive daughters of sheet welders and market traders are unable to “let go” of working-class roots, but also unable to “let go” of the brand new Range Rover Sport. Full story»
Britain considers outcomes under Proportional Representation
LONDON, UK -- Political analysts have discovered the horrifying truth that if the election were to have been carried out with proportional representation, the United Kingdom would now be sitting under a Communist regime. The D'Hondt system would also have produced an interesting opposition cabinet. Full story»

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