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"Saw VI" got a G-rating by the MPAA UnNews Logo Potato.png

15 January 2009


Saw became popular. Very popular. But, trouble was ahead when the president of the USA was too lazy to give the rating for this damn film.

Instead of giving this an R20 rating, it got a G-rating, and it was recut multiple times for 72 minutes and was putting those scenes from SpongeBob 2: Plankton's Revenge.

James Wan said about being fucking lazy, so whatever they do, they decided to change cursing (shit, fuck, nigger, etc.) into cute words. However, in TV-spots from channels, ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Johnny Bravo, Oxygen, Nickelodeon, The Disney Channel and Cartoon Network, had the R-rating attached, but no one gives a fuck.

Until they find the cause of what happened, they will continue to be lazy.

There was also the fact that slashing and rape is all cut down and Lionsgate was saying that they wanted to be cheap in front of all the horror fans and want no gore until Oscar Wilde becomes himself. And, yes, it doesn't make sense.

The film will be released, February 13, 2009, through June 6, 2006. No really. It will. Deal with it.