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The Dark _night.(Image might not be seen in darkness)

The Dark _night is a famous night in 24th August 6000 B.C, when there was no electricity and the moon wasn't shining. It turned out to be a really horrible Dark _night. Proper description of that night was not found in any history or mythology due to the lack of light. Because of being so dark it is called The Dark _night!

Description (Not proper)[edit]

Firstly, the fact has to be concerned that as there was no light nobody could see what happened. The description here is based on the cave writings of the historian Tyranosaurates. It is mainly from the sounds that were heard.

On that night two dinosaurs and many cavemen were having sex. It was not possible to see in the darkness if actually only two dinosaurs were there, or there were three in a group. Tyranosaurates wrote this hearing sounds like "Rrwwaahh!" "WHOOH!" etc. The use of goat skin condoms was prevalent at that time. Several people were severely injured due to not being able to see anything in the darkness on the dark _night. Many forests were destroyed and many animals died due to the irresponsible sexual attitude of the dinosaurs. And scary creatures like werewolves.... wait, there was no moon shining, so no werewolf. Tyranosaurates's description concluded saying the darkness of the night was beyond description.

Oh, Did you mean The Dark Knight ?[edit]

Ok, this is the real dark knight

The authority apologizes for the inconvenience as the system could not scan your request properly. More possibly Evil Microsoft blocked something and made it stop work. The Dark Knight is the title of the first dark or black African person (from Uganda) to become a knight as a reward of defeating a group of lesbians and sex opposers in a British war. When King Charles XXXVI was defeated six times in a war with them, at last they hired the dark guy who was actually famous for having the largest penis in the world (8.7 feet). He instantly defeated all of them and attained knighthood. From then he is known as "The Dark Knight".


Wikipedia's picture of The Dark Knight at the primary stage.

While the Dark Knight is famous all over Uganda for being a pride of the country, Evil Wikipedia says that The Dark Knight is a movie about some creature which is a cross between a human and a vampire bat, or a vampire that had a terrible weakness of not being able to drink blood. So, his whole life he fucked around. He was the black sheep of his family. Thus he concealed his identity wearing a mask. This is just Wikipedia's evil conspiracy to raise confusion in the mind of knowledge seekers.

UnMovie:The Dark Knight Rises[edit]

The Dark Knight rises is an UnMovie directed by Fuck Norris based on the story written by William Sexpear. The movie is about a war between the real Dark Knight and Wikipedia's Vampire Dark Knight.


At the beginning the Vampire guy starts to claim that he is the real dark knight. The dark knight knows about this and starts a war. Then the vampire guy steals a military duplication ray from Russia's weapon base and makes many duplicates of him to win the war. At that time the real Dark Knight who had the 8 feet 7 inches long penis, finally exposes his penis. Thus it the Dark Knight rises his penis and defeats the full vampire force in one strike (This makes the name of the movie so). Thus the dark knight wins the war and people all over England and Africa rejoice to their hearts.