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This article is based on the Désencyclopédian text Tetris le film, made freely available to French-speaking wildebeest gnus under the GFDL.

The movie Tetris is a Moldovian work released in 1991 and inspired by the eponymous video game. Directed by Zpalatov Niokltev, it shows the adventures of the main character, Turquoise Square, fighting to save the world. Experts consider it a masterpiece, and probably one of the best adaptations of a video game ever. Besides, it has been a great starting point for the actors' careers.


The action begins with Turquoise Square falling into a strange and unknown place, and meeting his new neighbors, Red S and Yellow T. He soon befriends them, but his world is once again turned upside down with the arrival of powerful green sticks. It seems like they plan to create a Brave New World, as uniform and flat as themselves.

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By order of appearance :

Turquoise Square[edit]

Kaslist Banjev

The movie features Kaslist Banjev as Turquoise Square. He is the basis of the whole plot. He might look quite awkward at first (which is normal for a square); yet, at the end, the audience must acknowledge he was "the right square in the right place". However submissive he seems to be when the green sticks pop up, he soon rebels. At the end, there is no doubt that he is a character full of doggedness and fortitude.

Yellow T[edit]

One of the first protagonists Turquoise Square meets, he is played by Pagmov Tavtaad. He and Square become very good friends. He is a cheerful and agreeably unpredictable character, but he sometimes appears to be distant and reserved, probably feeling that he is useless, that he does nothing other support Turquoise Square and Red T's relationship. Sadly enough, Yellow T dies quickly, sacrificed to the God of line-making.

Red S[edit]

Magdalena Peeslav

Magdalena Peeslav played the main female part. Red S is one of Turquoise Square's first friends. She falls in love with Turquoise Square but, shy as she is, she is unable to express her feelings. With the arrival of Inverted-Blue L, and her attempts to seduce Turquoise Square, poor S finds herself ill-at-ease, but she finally manages to confess her attachment to Square. By the way, she is also exceptionally brave in opposing the green sticks.

The green sticks[edit]

Osdamik Svelèk

The green sticks are linear, fierce colossi. The actor playing their leader is Osdamik Svelèk. When he arrives, he discovers a new world, with only the three characters aforementioned living there. At first, he is an open-minded person, respecting his companions, but when a fellow stick (played by Gadherev Sfenkoff) sets foot square in the community, he understands the green sticks' might. He soon imposes his ideas, and the presence of a third green stick just exacerbates his racism and his sense of superiority. The green sticks have no respect for any other being and try to expel Square and his friends to create their perfect world.

Inverted-Blue L[edit]

Inverted-Blue L is played by Sirnia Bevsekliv. She enters the land while the community is seriously threatened by the green sticks, and falls next to Yellow T. Inverted-Blue L soon begins to court Turquoise Square, unconsciously causing Red S's secret jealousy. Even though Turquoise finds her attractive, he is too preoccupied by the fight against the green sticks. She uses her cunning to help him, but disappears on a complete line, thus provoking Turquoise Square's sorrow, while opening his heart to Red S.

Inverted-Grey S[edit]

Played by Ivor Narov, the very famous actor, he only appears at the end of the film. Facing the green sticks' superior strength, he has to use his brain to find a solution. His very advanced scientific knowledge enables him to find the origin of their power and the solution to save the world.


First part : the protagonists meet[edit]

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In the very first scene, Turquoise Square falls from the sky and lands next to Red S and above yellow T. The characters are first rather timid, but thanks to Turquoise's endeavours to socialize, they start opening to one another and show how bright they are. The first green stick soon comes, but doesn't integrate himself as well as the others in this new place (he already proves to be quite snobbish).

Second part : taking power[edit]

A second green stick arrives and lands next to the first one. The small community feels there is a dissension. Soon, there is a third one reinforcing the sticks' power, and crushing any hope for revolt (the green sticks, because of their straightness, were invulnerable). Little by little, everyone gets desperate and sinks into submission. But, thanks to his courage, Turquoise Square raises head and refuses the green sticks' domination.

Third part : Inverted-Blue L's arrival[edit]

After the sad events which took place in the second place, a new inhabitant settles down in the community : Inverted-Blue L. She quickly apprehends the situation, and puts herself between both groups, pretending to have peaceful intentions towards the green sticks. But she actually shares Turquoise Square's views, and even courts him. However, when L lands on the ground, she completes a line, thus killing herself and yellow T, but also weakening the green sticks.

Fourth part : Solving the problem[edit]

Then comes Inverted-Grey S, who sits down next to Turquoise Square. The latter, suffering from the loss of Inverted-Blue L, doesn't participate any more in the resistance against the so-called Green Supremacists. However, Red S explains the situation to Inverted-Grey who tries to find a solution. By watching the sky, he realises that every type of person is as likely to appear as another. Therefore, he deduces that the green sticks' power will fade away naturally. Cheered up by this news, Turquoise Square decides to live his own life without caring about anything else. The film ends up with Red S confessing her love and her desire to stay with him until the next line separates them.

Critical reception[edit]

On the whole, the film was often praised, even by non-gamers, for the criticism of conformism it develops[1]. Nevertheless, real Tetris fans were appalled by it, since there is no non-inverted L featured, and because the probability of having 3 green sticks in a row is extremely low. Moreover, Inverted-Blue L's move is generally considered unrealistic and impossible to make.

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