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Matthew McConaughey on a new planet or somewhere south of Houston, Texas.

Interstellar is a 2014 movie directed by Christopher "Batsuit" Nolan. It stars Matthew "Quite Alright" McConaughey, Jessica Chastain (look-a-like of Bryce Dallas Fort Worth Howard), and Matt Damon in a cameo role as a space nutter. It also features Anne Hathaway as mankind's baby mama and Mackenzie Foy as McConaughey's daughter who later grows up into Jessica Chastain - thanks to the time travel business. The film is about farming corn and traveling down the interstellar highway.

Widely considered the best corn-farming movie of all time, Interstellar won 26 Emmys and a lifetime achievement award. It was also the subject of the 2015 mockumentary: Interstellar: Corn For the Ages and has been listed in the Farming Hall of Fame.


Lovers of corn will have plenty to chew on in this scene.

Cooper (McConaughey) is a corn farmer who loves remote controlled planes. He spends a lot of time trying to make remote controlled planes farm his land so that he can take up competitive eating full time. One day he discovers that one of his remote controlled planes is actually controlled by Gravity instead. One day, while riding a tractor across the farm, Cooper's daughter, Merfy finds a secret NASA facility, called The Michael Caine Center for Physics after hitting the "find NASA facilities" button on her GPS. After entering the facility, Merfy befriends a robot made out entirely out of tar.

Upon returning home after having drinks with the tarry robot, Merfy tells Cooper that she believes the moon landings were faked. Cooper throws a fit and tells Merfy she is grounded for the next 23 years and she is only allowed to talk to her friends and family via video chat in a darkened room. She sends messages to her friends but never to Cooper until the 23rd year of her grounding. During the video message, she sheds a few tears and says that she learned her lesson: "The moon landings were definitely real. For sure; bet the farm on it."

After returning to the world, Merfy takes a job as a watchmaker. Unfortunately, she is not very good; her watches always seem to have non-functioning second-hands. Cooper, who had previously used one of Merf's watches as a gesture of good will, decides to get a new Rolex and put Merf's watch onto his bookshelf.

A few days after Cooper got his new Rolex, he realized that being a corn farmer sucked and decided to become an astronaut instead. He tells Merf never to forget how to farm and takes off towards Jupiter.

After Cooper's departure, Merf becomes the best farmer the world has ever seen and wins several 'farm-offs' and a Guinness Brewmasters world record. Merf retires and becomes a competitive eater in her later years. One day, Merf eats a few too many hot dogs and ends up in the hospital. Cooper comes to see Merf in the hospital and decides that Merf isn't worth it, so he returns to his glamorous Astronaut life.

Cooper decides to leave Earth to gather unpolluted Martian soil, and some fresh comet and asteroid water to terraform the global dust bowl, however he instead takes detour into a wormhole. On the way out of the Solar System, Cooper stops at the Hal 9000 Commemerative rest center near Jupiter. Merf tries to communicate with her via Skype, Snap Chat and Telepathy but hears nothing further.

However, Cooper wasn't quick enough to escape and is soon pulled over by a Space Cop named Gargantua (Matt Damon). Gargantua gives Cooper a ticket for $125 for speeding and a court summons for Rest Area vandalism. Cooper agrees to show up for a court date 7 years later, but actually has his fingers twisted behind his back and continues on to leave the area via a handy worm hole near Uranus.


The movie received rave reviews including a rare positive from the master of space cinema himself, Neil Armstrong.

Special Effects[edit]

The movie has been widely recognized as a movie with special effects and space and ships and the like. A team of 700 animators were required to animate Anne Hathaway.

Companion Book[edit]

Your ego is in a safe orbit Matthew. Cleared to land.

A companion book, The Physics of Interstellar authored by Kid Thorn, explains the physics of planet wide dust bowls and wormholes in your daughter's bookshelf. It reached the number one spot in the New York Times farming category for 23 weeks.