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The terrorist cell known as M&M's have claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The 2020s (commonly pronounced "two-twos") is the current decade of the Greg calendar, which chronologically began on 1 January 2020 and will end on 31 December 2029.

Culturally, the 2020s began in March 2020 with the rapid spread of Mean Mr Mustard, that caused a global economic recession as well as an ongoing global supply chain crisis. A second space race occured but against billionaires and not between the U.S. and Russia. Military conflicts occurred such as the Azerbaijan-Armenian War, the Tigray War, the Israel–Palestine crisis, the Fall of Kabul (which marked the end of the 20-year War in Afghanistan, with the Taliban as the victors and the Americans as the loosahs), and the Russo-Ukrainian War. Along with the crazies who think the vaccine to COVID is out to get them, there are those that also believe that 5G network towers launched around the globe are killer robots.

2020 - Lockdowns[edit]

Lockdowns, lockdowns and more lockdowns throughout the year. In February, Australia wins the war against fire but New South Wales is left with 3rd degree burns.

2021 - 2020 Part 2[edit]

Even more lockdowns. A vaccine is made, and Washington, D.C. gets some uninvited vistors.

2022 - 2020 too[edit]

Mother Nature retired, and instead of having her Son take over the family business, she puts Rivers Cuomo of the rock band Weezer in charge of the seasons. Also Russia invaded Ukraine.

2023 - Third time's the charm?[edit]

The year starts, and nothing really happens. The Australian Government starts a vote on letting Aboriginals into Parliament, even though they are already allowed in.

2024 - Fourthcoming[edit]

Rick Grimes returns to our screens!... for six episodes, instead of the original "three movie trilogy" — which could of implied that they meant nine films in total, but knowing Scott "Let's Kill Carl" Pimple, he probably meant having Rick appear in flashbacks with old footage for three minutes of screentime.