Yellow Submarine (album)

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For the song, see Yellow Submarine (song).
Yellow Submariiine
Yellow Submarine.png
Album by The Beatles
Released January 19, 1969
Recorded May 26, 1966 - October 23, 1968
Genre Psychedelia
Length 5:03:17
Record label Apple
Producers George Martin
Professional reviews
Oscar Wilde review 5/5 - Wonderful! I was in the film!
The Rolling Stones review 3/5 - While not in the likes of Sgt Peppers, Yellow Submarine mixes drugs with orchestration in a way never done before!
Blue Meanie review 0/5 - Stupid album! Meet the Beatles was better than this crap!
The Beatles Chronology
White Album
Yellow Submarine (Album)
Abbey Road

“Oh yeah, Paul is dead as well, or uhhh is he.... uh....”

~ John Lennon on Yellow Submarine

“I didn't do much here really. Infact, even Ringo did more work!”

~ Faul Paul McCartney on Yellow Submarine

“The exciting thing for me is I finally got to write an awesome song!”

~ Ringo Starr on Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine is the 6547th known psychedelic recording by The Beatles. It was recorded from May 1966 to October 1968 and was based on the film with the same name. The name "Yellow Submarine" is unknown where it first came but legend says the name was started in 1884 when a book by Darran BumBum said "I wish there was a Yellow Submarine". Fast Fowarding to the Mid 60s, and the Beatles, creeping towards the experimental stage, finished the book and make a song called "Yellow Submarine". It was eventually transformed into an Album and Film.


The album was the center of major focus after the Beatles had finished the White Album by doing nothing. They were bored one day of recording the White Album, so they pulled off an album based on their upcoming film.


Side One[edit]

  1. We All Die In The Kremlin Zuba Class - 2:41
  2. Only a Waaa(luigi)! - 3:24
  3. We're All Separate And You Should Be Too If You're Autistic! - 2:11
  4. I'd have to admit, it's a Cruelgod! - 3:11
  5. It's All Too Less For the Drugs! - 6:25
  6. All You Need Is Hate To Fuel Yourself - 3:51

Side Too[edit]

  1. Equipland - 2:21
  2. Tea of Crime - 3:00
  3. Tea of Wholes - 2:17
  4. Tea of Bonzai - 3:37
  5. A Bunch of Beanies - 2:22
  6. Equipland Land Hate - 2:17
  7. Kremlin Zuba Class in Equipland - 2:13

Side Too Point Five[edit]

  1. Now We'll 69 Like Supermen - 690:69


Not too much influence was brought by this Album. Most people by this point were influenced of the Paul is Dead rumours.

Spin-off album[edit]

After recording the song "Hey Bulldog" during the filming for the music video for "Lady Madonna", the Beatles had an epiphany: to create the very first spin-off album. Much like how a spin-off for a film or series works, the spin-off album takes place after the "Hey Bulldog" song. The band then changed their names to Johnny "Dead" Harrison, George "Dog" McCartney, Paul "Don't" Starr, and Ringo "Lie" Lennon — it is still unclear who became who to this day. The album title was chosen to be Dead Dogs Don't Die and was originally going to be a classical string quartet, but since they had trouble getting bookings at high society tea parties, and their manager Brian "William" Martin's infamous quote; "Because, stupids, you fucking got a stupid fucking name for a classical string quartet you stupid fucks!", the band decieded to make rock/pop music instead.

During the first few hours where the band were a classical string quartet, the group began with the standard classical string quartet instruments: Dead on violin, Dog on violin, Don't on cello, and Lie on tuba. After their first few concerts, Ringo "Lie" complained that it was getting too painful to lie on a tuba. Johnny "Dead" suggested that he instead die on a tuba, which then changed the group's entire sound.

The late Ringo was soon replaced with his cousin, Richard "Death" Starr, known as Starsky the Hutch, which formed the group's most famous lineup. However, as they soon realized "Death" Starr was a fucking stupid name for anything, Starr soon changed his name to Ringo "Die" Lennon.

Dead Dogs Don't Die was finally released on March 23, 2019 to critical exclaim. Three different editions were made (each costing more than the previous edition). These were: Standard, Premium, and This Really Sucks.