The Beatles: Fab 60s Hits

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The Beatles: Fab 60s Hits
The beatles.jpg
Album by The Beatles
Released Date January 1, 1970
Recorded January 1, 1960 - December 31, 1969 (Melody)
April 5, 1969 - December 31, 1969 (Vocals)
Genre Beatles/Psychedelia
Length 1:24:56
Record label Apple
Producers George Martin, Phil Spector, Geoff Emerick
Beatle Discography
Let It Be
Fab 60s Hits
All Things Must Pass


~ Mr Bean on Fab 60s Hits

“At least the Yoko hating helped my Drum Kit... at the wrong time though”

~ Ringo Starr on Fab 60s Hits

“Well, I mean, I guess you could argue that this is the last album but then, in that case, just let it be!”

~ Paul McCartney on Fab 60s Hits

“Everyone except for John really enjoyed the making of this album. I thought it was fun too.”

~ George Harrison on Fab 60s Hits

“This was a complete disaster. I don't know what else to say apart from that really. ”

~ John Lennon on Fab 60s Hits

The Beatles: Fab 60s Hits is a compilation album of every most Beatles songs of the 60s but the lyrics are replaced.

Jokes entertain us. Some Jokes, however, go to far. This is where the Beatles come into the story where the following paragraph will guide you through. Just note that you get my opinion on their humor at the end of this article, so be happy will you?

After Yoko Ono threw the idea of the Beatles continuing to exist into the trash, the Beatles finished off the decade with one last hurrah to the band. Eventually, however, the album was replaced with Let It Be to please John Lennon who called it "Unpleasing and a Pile of Trash" after he was hit from the Yoko Virus. Not the best way to end the 60s for them.


So this album is weird when you consider what happened behind the scenes and related. As George Harrison once put it "We were only having fun, like everyone should always do, or they'll be fed to Stalin".


  1. Twist and Doubt - 45:12
  2. Maybe He's Two - 64:02
  3. Yelp! - 0:01
  4. Yesterday Always Knew - 89:34
  5. Eleanorwegian Rigby - 2:12
  6. Yellow Submarine - 46:37
  7. Got to Get You into my Bike - 47:38
  8. Strawberries Firstly Sold Ever - 29:38
  9. Penny's Pain - 47:29
  10. Sgt. Pet Sounds - 19:28
  11. All You Eat Is Lunch - 38:29
  12. Bye Tabby Cat - 22:52
  13. Bellow Toad Writes - 29:38
  14. I Am the Paul Man - 38:28
  15. Lady Uganda - 29:46
  16. Hey Dude! - 27:36
  17. Oh Bloody, Oh Bladder! -18:27
  18. Get the Crap - 45:28
  19. Don't Lend Me Pounds - 28:45
  20. The Ballad of Lemons and Oh No! - 25:37
  21. Done Regretting - 67:45
  22. Nothing - 37:28
  23. Let It Beee - 19:27
  24. The Dong and Why Dings Row? - 28:37
  25. For Me Red - 38:21
  26. Tree has the Bird - 47:35
  27. That's a Real Dove 38:27
  28. Reunion Melody - 37:46
  29. Maybe I'm Unpleased - 36:28
  30. The End? (Hidden Track) - 27:37


Shortly after the release of Abbey Road, there was a headline that the Beatles were going to breakup. The lads had been encountered with the Yoko Virus and their band couldn't continue anymore. To end the band, they put all most of their songs into one compilation album. Makes sense, right?

George, the main guy who came up with the idea, said that it was "One last hurrah... without Yoko". The other three members had different reactions. Paul thought it was an awesome idea that wouldn't die anytime soon. Ringo didn't care much about it, as long as the band ended on a good note. John hated the idea and walked out of the studio to be infected more by the Yoko Virus.


Geoff Emerick worked hard on the album from 1969 until 1970.
The cover for the "That's a Real Dove" single.

Early recording parts were Anti-Yoko which meant the Yoko Virus never spread to the other members. For songs in the Mid to Late 60s, this easily worked. The Three tried different metaphors such as "Strawberry Firstly Sold Ever" or "Penny's Pain is in my ears and in my heart" all of which made. Phil Specter, that guy that replaced George Martin for a while, really liked the tracks, but claimed it "Needed more Cowbell".

John hated the album and never wanted to come back into the studio until the Beatles notified him that it was done. One particular song that struck his mind was "Penny's Pain". He claimed that the lyrics for the song needed to be more Yoko tolerated.

Later recording focus less on hating on Yoko, and more about satire of the Beatles work. John was now slightly pleased, but still not enough to violently protest again.

The sessions mostly focused on Nature and Animals now, obviously heard on songs like "Let It Beee", "For Me Red" and "Tree has the Bird". "Let It Beee" was played only by an automatic guitar and Paul playing the piano. Although, it has been noticed that the automatic guitar may have just been MIDI and the music video is a lie. The other two songs were played by only Paul and George since Ringo didn't care, and John still hated the other three.

Hit Lyrics[edit]

That's a Real Dove[edit]

"Don't need to be alone

No need to be alone

That's a real dove, that's a real

Yes, that's a real dove, that's a real"

Strawberries Firstly Sold Ever[edit]

"Let me take you down

Cause I'm going to Strawberries First

Nothing is real

And nothing to get hung about'

Strawberries Firstly Sold Ever"

Bellow Toad Writes[edit]

"You say "Yes", I say "No".

You say "Stop", and I say "Go, go, go".

Oh no.

You say "Toad Writes" and I say "Bellow, Bellow, Bellow"

I don't know why you say "Toad Writes" and I say "Bellow"

Done Regretting[edit]

One thing I can tell you is

You got to be free

Done regetting, right now

Over me"


The AVGN did an episode dedicated to the album. He mainly explains that:

"I'm not a record critic. I don't even know who the Beatles are. Yes, I watched Yellow Submarine as a kid but nothing else apart from that. What are their names even I can't remember even, there's like, Johnathan, Paulie or something, Hare Krishna, and I forgot who the other guy was but anyways, I don't review records. So leave me alone, cause I'm the goddamn Nerd!"

It was only worse was record reviewers. Rolling Stones magazine claimed,

"For as a band known as the Beatles, this is definitely shocking of how much effort was wasted on this. Like "Let It Beee"? Really? They couldn't even spell that correctly? They're definitely talking about animals here with the line "And with the broken hearted people". It's just stupid. Let's not even forget "For Me Red". What even was that?"


So, uh... this, uh... album, um.... is, uh... well, weird when, uh... you, um..... consider, um.... what, uh... happened, uh... behind, uh... the, uh.... scenes, um.... and related...uh... yeah! As George Harrison once, uh... put it "We were only having fun, like everyone should always do, or they'll be fed to Stalin".

Ha... ha... ha?[edit]

So yeah. That's the weird Beatles side of things. Humor for them really needs improving.