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Despite being a method actor, Jim Carrey did not become an egg for the role.

Background information[edit]

Sonic the Hedgehog. We've all played it, but have you ever noticed the connection between the game's villain Dr. Ivo Robotnik, and one of The Beatles' greatest songs? If not, let me show you the proof that Dr. Robotnik is one big Beatles reference.

Is he a Beatles reference?[edit]


Robotnik is a large man. He has the physique of a walrus; the protrusions of his yellow cape resemble walrus tusks, and even his mustache looks like the whiskers of one. He even sports a pair of John Lennon's signature glasses.

Not only does he have the looks of a walrus, but the alias that most people know Robotnik by is 'Dr. Eggman' — a direct reference to the lyrics of the Beatles' 1967 song "I Am the Walrus".

Another instance of the lyrics from the song being used would be in Sonic Adventure 2, where Eggman's theme song copy and pastes word-for-word from the Magical Mystery Tour hit: "I am the Eggman, I've got the master plan, I am the Eggman, that's what I am."

Even more, what was the name of the person who sang Eggman's theme? Paul (...something, but his first name was Paul). And, in the song "Glass Onion", who did John Lennon say the walrus was? Paul. Still not convinced? Let's continue.

In the 2020 live-action Sonic movie, actor Jim Carrey played Dr. Robotnik, nicknamed Eggman by Sonic, and in 1998 what did Jim Carrey release? That's right, a cover of "I Am the Walrus", telling us that he was in fact the Eggman all along.


Well for starters, Jim Carrey is neither fat nor an egg — but he is a man. And to be fair, his cover of the Beatles song had nothing to do with the movie, as he had no idea that in over 20 years time, he would be casted. Perhaps that was just a lucky coincidence.

Naoto Oshima, Eggman's original designer and the creator of the Sonic franchise, has never actually stated that he had heard "I Am the Walrus", nor had actually heard of The Beatles in the first place. Once again, perhaps the direct reference in Sonic Adventure 2, with word-for-word lyrics, was just a coincidence.

On the matter of Robotnik sharing his looks with the late John Lennon, that could just boil down to what people want to see. Sure, he has similar glasses, and a wacky moustache that Lennon might of had during his LSD days, but other than that, the doctor never really proves that he is a Beatles reference.

Perhaps if they had named him Dr. Robert "Eggman" Dylan, there would be more definite proof.


If this doesn't convince you that Dr. Robotnik is just one big Beatles reference, you cannot call yourself a 'tr00' or 'kvlt' Beatles fan.