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Background information[edit]

You've most likely come to this page trying to discover what Undebate is about. The Uncyclopedian community has a significant number of members who have mastered debating. In fact you you often find them en masse debating with other members. As this style of communication doesn't fit other frames of articles that we have here, there is a special place where members can spout all they need to without making a mess of the wiki.

Is Undebate a parody of the well known wiki about debating, Debatepedia[edit]


Obviously it is, when you consider the similarity between the logo, the page layout, even the colour scheme. In fact, it's almost as if the first Undebate written simply copied over a page from this site, including the title, and simply changed the outcome of the arguments to something silly.


Cosmetic similarities may not indicate a direct link. Just because two different items have similar appearance it doesn't mean that they are the same, or even derived from each other. After all, Roseanne Barr is not a member of Balaenoptera musculus, despite her girth and the desire invoked within millions to shoot a harpoon through her.

Not only that, the bastards at IDEA closed that site.

Is there anything else of significance to know about Undebate?[edit]


Undebate has a long and varied history involving major changes in its socio-political structure and its prominence amongst the community here at Uncyclopedia. There have been debates on wide ranging topics such as the the social, economical and political impact of population growth, complex mathematical and logical concepts, the vagaries of political control over discussion and the impact of censorship, the damage of the cult of celebrity worship on developing nations, and, er, the social, economical and political impact of population growth.

And the number of articles we have are growing. Since 2009 the number of articles has increased by an infinite ratio.[1]


Not really


There's not much you need to know about Undebate. In fact, this about was only written to remove a red link from the main page.


  1. Anythig divided by zero is infinity. As there were no articles prior to this time, the ratio is x:0, giving an infinite growth. You can't argue with mathematics.