UnDebate:Is it okay to ban Justin Bieber to the 3rd world?

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Background and context[edit]

Pop star Justin Bieber has been making girls under 13 falling in love with him, but as much as girls like him, many of the toughest dudes around such as Metalheads and Confederate Waver Flag Bikers have been planning to beat up the pop singer, mainly because they think he's gay. More recently, they got so sick of it that they went to the White House, and confronted president Barack Obama to ban Justin Bieber to the 3rd World, (Mexico for the percentage of idiotic Americans). But the Defenders do NOT want Justin Bieber gone. In fact, they want him to be the supreme overlord of the world, and make the guys be like him. So what's the answer, yes or no?

Will Justin Bieber REALLY be banned to Mexico?[edit]


Reason why? Simple, because he's gay as hell. I mean COME ON! Does it really take a boat load of rocket science to figure out how terrible his voice is, not to mention his overrated hair and style of clothing? The world has always been about Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music, and the last thing we need is some other gay-ass pop star to fuck everything up. Simply more retarded than Justin Timberlake.


National Security: Is the pop singer really destroying ways of life, and that we should ban ALL things mainstream and send them to Mexico where Swine Flu is still going on to this day?[edit]


Not only is he possibly a homosexual, but he's also another pop star that represents the corrupted ways of life. The list goes on about those reasons, because he doesn't really care about fans! The reason why he does this in the first place is because of the money that the today's economy is throwing out. Just so he can have it all and be like one of those pompus assholes that makes the percentage of regular Americans look bad.


That is NOT TRUE! He does not care about the money! Reason? He cares about the dying environment, and how people should listen to Disney Channel and help save it by humping saving trees, and saving the ocean. You know, the stuff that you assholes have been shoving it down the toilets for like forever? My god, why can't you guys be more like Justin Bieber?

Metalheads & Bikers: Because we don't want to be possibly homosexuals that represent the same old music industries that's been shoving shitty records down people's throats? Does that cover your answers?[edit]


Because we don't want to be possibly homosexuals that represent the same old music industries that's been shoving shitty records down people's throats? Does that cover your answers? Man, it's like every time we all try to prove our points, a bunch of teeny-boppers always try to bring us down.


Oh, just shut the hell up. All of you idiots remind us girls of our mothers when they all had too many drinks on karaoke night!


Yeah well, in our opinions overall is that Justin Bieber is NOTHING but some other singer pop singer that was born from the idiot music industry! And not only has he disgraced the world with his bad singing, gay hair, and pathetic clothing, he also single handedly DESTROYED the world of regular music. I mean, what king of guy sings like a girl putting out dumb tunes such as baby, baby, bay ohhhhhh!!!!!!! Fuck, I even bet that he's not singing about you teeny-bopper girls, in fact probably singing about babies considering that he can be a CHILD MOLESTER!!!!!!!!


WHA-HEH-HEH-HEH-HEHHHHHH!!!!! (crying noises). YOU BASTARDS MAKE US SAD!! C'MON GIRLS! WE ARE OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!! I don't care if you hate Justin Bieber! He is here to stay and here to make the world of music better. And by that, I mean everybody listening to pop music, and not that garbage Heavy Metal crap that keeps bringing down the environment!

The Answer[edit]

It's official, Justin Bieber is out of the country, and so is the other guys. Looks like they're going to spend some time fighting off AIDS and swine flu for a long time, and the best part was, that the debate was actually pretty easy. I mean, why didn't we just ban him quick as possible

Voice of the Editor[edit]

Hello everyone. To those who have read this article wondered if I hated or love Rock & Roll. Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm a metalhead, myself. Not only that, I have a strong hatred for Justin Bieber and actually wish that he was gone. So I did this for the tribute of both Metalheads and Bikers. And that's it.