Halloween 5: The Search For More Money

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Famous scene from Halloween 5: The Search For More Money.

“This is the point when I told John Carpenter to get a life.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Halloween 5: The Search For More Money

“I do not like this Halloween. This film was made for nerdy teens.”

~ Dr. Seuss on Halloween 5: The Search For More Money

“The thing I hate the most about this film is the fact that they stole my title for a sequel to Spaceballs. This is why I never do sequels.”

~ Mel Brooks on Halloween 5: The Search For More Money

Halloween 5: The Search For More Money (a.k.a. Star Trek V: The Search For More Money) was the fifth film in both the Halloween series of horror films, and the Star Trek franchise. This 1989 film was made in a desperate attempt to revive both franchises commercially and critically, but the experiment failed miserably and the film has never been released in any home video format as of 2011. And rights issues have prevented this film from airing on television, except for on the Playboy channel, even though this is not a porno flick.

Contrary to Oscar Wilde's comments, John Carpenter had nothing to do with this film; it was written and directed by Gene Roddenberry. It is also speculated that the film was made solely because of the fact that William Shatner and Paramount had barred the producers from using Shatner's likeness in future Halloween films, and that the fans demanded that Michael's mask be reverted back to the classic Shatner mask. Though the Number One movie of 1989, it only made a small fraction of the film's budget in box office returns.


One year after the horrific events of Halloween 4: The Rehabilitation of Michael Myers, we find Jamie Lloyd, the Carruthers Family, and Dr. Loomis aboard the Starship Enterprise with Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, and Sulu. Michael Myers has been captured by Khan and is soon hired to kill the Enterprise crew by the end of Halloween night. That's all there is to the plot, but I'll tell you that Michael Myers has an epic showdown with Kirk, and the Star Trek captain kills him off once and for all. The masked maniac drops dead at the age of 32.

Casting notes[edit]

Ringo Starr didn't reprise his role as Sheriff Meeker because he demanded too much money, and was replaced by his Shining Time Station successor George Carlin.

Bruce Willis was also offered the role, but he declined because he was set to star as Charlie Brown in the live action version of Peanuts. Mike Myers, who had played Michael Myers in every film since Halloween 1-24, did not sign on because he had to star in Austin Powers XVI, and was replaced by TV legend Dick Van Dyke. Batman wanted the role as Michael Myers badly, but when he heard they had written out the rape scene, he didn't want the role anymore. He still appears as Michael Myers's long lost brother - Batman - in a cameo.