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A.S.B.O.s: The Story Behind The Song, As Told By The Band Themselves

JTLW: Well, right, you see... we were doing this fucking huge fucking tour of some island, right? And we were in the band Van, right? And we parked up for this big gig... where the fucking hell was it again?

JTLW then throws back a shot of whiskey and lights a curiously shaped roll up cigarette

Sleepygamer: The Green Dragon, Jay...

JTLW: 's right. And we we just warming up and we heard this fucking loud barking coming from the caravan we had parked next to, right? Be right back...

JTLW beckons a young, attractive groupie and walks off into the next room, opening a bag of what seems to be flour.

DTLW: Yep, at the time, we happened to have a full studio in the van, so Jay knocked out this kickass riff, and we recorded the track right there and then.

JTLW returns, wide eyed and smiling.

JTLW: ...yeah, and we were too pissed to actually pronounce assholes at the time, so it ended up sounding like A.S.B.O.s, right? And afterwards we banged 'em out, innit?!

Band (Collectively): Yes, Jay...



Parody lyrics, & vocals: DTLW (Mine, sleepygamer's, Dad)