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This template is supposed to be used on all Unquotable:Main Page versions, except those written for real non-English languages (so far there's Pirate and Obfuscata). Also, if your new quotes-page is finished, feel free to add it to Unquotable:NavTemplate. It also adds the trick back-logo to any page it's on (see top left). This template is unusually tricked out! Each article is entered in the form of a "switch" construct. See the code for more info, but if you're unfamiliar with how this stuff works, please feel free to ask for assistance.

Note: Please add articles to the "In the works" section only if you're actually working on them, or if they've just been posted and you're looking for collaborative input from others. Also, please avoid adding or removing subcategories, because they're also parameters and you might mess up a Main Page version, if that version passes any custom parameters. Thanks!

— Your Friendly Neighborhood Some user, August 13, 2006

Living people

Keanu Reeves - William Shatner - Christopher Walken - Random unfunny quotes

Dead people

Aristotle - Arthur C. Clarke - Nietzsche - Founding Fathers - Winston Churchill - Noel Coward - Charles Darwin - Albert Einstein - Benjamin Franklin - Thomas Jefferson - Sun-Tzu - Mark Twain - Oscar Wilde - Voltaire - Aristotle - John F. Kennedy - Jesus Christ

Fictional people

Yoda - C-3PO - Satan - Cthulhu - God - Captain Oblivious

Literary works



Russian Reversal - Last words - Mnemonics