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Album by The Beatles
Released Summer of 1966
Recorded: August of 1966
Genre Lysergic Acid
Length 0:35:01 (UK), 0:28:20 (US)
Record label Porkaphone (UK), Crapitol (US)
Producers George Martin
Professional reviews
Oscar Wilde review 5/5 - A triumph! Simply stunning! And that's just the cover art!
The Rolling Stones review 3/5 - Average, but slightly better than their previous work. Very hard to listen to without drugs, though.
Jesus review 0/5 - I'm still bigger than them!
Beatles UK Albums
Steel Funk
Sgt. Lt. Pepper's Only Lonely Hearts Club Bandana
Beatles US Albums
Tomorrow And Three Weeks Ago
Sgt. Lt. Pepper's Only Lonely Hearts Club Bandana

Revolter is an LSD trip released by The Beatles in 1966. The last semi-coherent album released by the group (save for the groundbreaking gobbledygook of "Tomorrow Never Knows"), Revolter marks the point in the band's career where they transitioned from four clean-cut Liverpudlian moptops to the grimy hippies seen on the cover of their next album. It was also the last album to have a retarded cousin released by Crapitol Records in the United States. The cover of the album was reportedly drawn by John Lennon's son, Julian. Revolter is also notable for the fact that it was the final Beatles album that Paul McCartney recorded before his tragic death in late 1966.


The most heart-stopping track on Revolter is the mentally-challenged "Fuchsia Tambourine." McCartney said that he threw "Fuchsia Tambourine" into the trash shortly after writing it. However, Ringo Starr had been looking through the garbage for lunch, when he discovered it, and decided to sing it. With the help of their production team, the Beatles overdubbed sound effects they recorded by bribing homeless people with heroin.

According to Lennon, some of the psychedelic lyrics of "Paul's Dead Paul's Dead" were taken almost verbatim from an exchange he had with oatmeal spokesman Wilford Brimley in August 1965, while he (Lennon), Harrison and Starr were under the influence of kittens at their rented house in Compton, Los Angeles. During a conversation, Brimley said "I know what it's like to be fed," because he was regularly fed by nurses when he entered the Hospital for complications from diabeetus.

Track Listing[edit]

All songs by Lennon-McCartney except where noted.

Side One[edit]

  1. Fat Man (Harrison)- 2:39
  2. Amanda Huggenkiss- 2:08
  3. I'm Fuckin' Sleepin'- 3:02
  4. Wuv You Too (Harrison)- 3:01
  5. Really Really Romantic Song for Getting into Girls' Pants- 2:26
  6. All-Fella Submarine- 2:40
  7. Paul's Dead Paul's Dead- 2:37

Side Two[edit]

  1. G'Day Mate (feat. Bon Scott)- 2:10
  2. And Your Bird Can Shit- 2:02
  3. 4 n0 1 (Tribute to Prince)- 2:01
  4. Doctor Who - 2:15
  5. I Want To Kill You (Harrison)- 2:30
  6. Got To Get You Out Of My Ex-Wife with One Leg (or, A Tribute To Pot) - 2:31
  7. Tomorrow Never Comes (for Paul)- 2:57