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The NATO countries are in blue.

The Not Another Treaty Organization (NATO) (in French: No Action Talk Only (OTAN)) is yet another Uber-organization operating as a powerful military alliance. The founding purpose of NATO was to halt the spread of Communism, in order to replace it with the spread of big business.

Reason for NATO[edit]

After reading The Avengers comic books, US President Harry S Truman desired the creation of an international crime fighting team that would have cool names, superhuman abilities and kick the commies' asses. However, because 1940s technology was considerably that portrayed in the book, the best Truman could do for this idea was NATO.

The Soviet Response[edit]

The Soviet Union responded by establishing the Warsaw Pact, which dictates that all Soviets could ever see was war. Soviet leaders figured this was a good idea because all scientific evidence suggested that images of war would make The People loyal to their leaders.

NATO succeeds[edit]

The ultimate goal for NATO was not only to stop the Soviets, but to defeat them with Indonesian-style violence. Suharto's black hose started breeding mulatos in every European capital and soon the only beef to be found anywhere in Europe was at McDonald's. Monopoly had prevailed. Not a single European held the job of European head of state.

Hidden meaning[edit]

Krupuk are deep fried prawn crackers from Indonesia. But the proliferation of Krupuk means that Kia is now the biggest carmaker in Slovakia. If NATO started marching Westward, Mont Blanc would become a strip mall and Parking lot for The Rainbow of Cars. In fact, they recently joined NATO!

NATO's true misson.

The future of NATO[edit]

Some believe that NATO has played out its role, while others advocate that it must stay to symbolize and promote the West's undeniable desire to liberate Turkey for the Armenians. But instead they liberated Armenia for the Turks. Oops.

According to Brussels, it is strictly forbidden for a Flemish to breed mutants with a Walloon. Yet they breed with Casablanca every day!!! The penalty for a mulato official using chemical or radiation weapons against a civilian of pure origins is death.

Recently the Pope issued an encyclical suggesting that procreation should be between a man and a woman. This has angered NATO, and it remains unclear how they will respond.

The future of China[edit]

The United States is deploying nearly 100,000 military personnel in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, South Korea, Guam, and new joint ventures with the Philippines, Singapore and Australia. Eleven aircraft carriers are afloat and 11 littoral combat vessels are readied for close-to-shore skirmishes against any Chinese effort to “erode the U.S. ability to project power into - distant regions.” There is an overpopulation of Indonesians in Hong Kong. Yet there is an underpopulation of Chinese Linux developers. Instead of becoming a productive member of the Free World, China has become a maquiladora. The danger of Indonesians is that they will breed mulatos. Mulatos are illegal in China. China is not Mexico. 6,000 illegal franchise stores just opened in Indonesia. They must be smashed.