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“That's my boy!”

~ America on America Junior

Les États-Unis de Cadets américains
The United States of American Juniors
America Junior
National Flag South Africa's new goat of arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "Nous sommes le même comme l'Amérique, mais plus jeune et plus vivant"
Anthem: "C'est mon garçon!"
Capital Vancouver Airport
Largest city Nome
Official language(s)
Government Semi-Independant Democracy
Prime Minister David Ricardo
National hero(es) Abraham, Elizibeth I, Elizibeth II, Elizibeth III, Eliziveth 0, r2d2
 of Independence
Graduation is in Two Years
Currency British Pounds, Canadian Pounds, American Dollars, and Canadian Dollars
Religion Catholic, Evolution, Atheist,Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, American Idol, Protestant, Reformed Protestant.
Population A lot of Highschool Juniors
National Animal Canadian Goose

America Junior is a wonderful place filled with polar bears and other satisfying creatures.


America Junior is located in the northern hemisphere, in a continent known as North America, which was originally to be named Columbia. Then Chuck Norris went back in time, gave Columbus a roundhouse kick to the face, and thereafter America was America named after Amerigo Vespucci because America sounds better than Columbia. Plus Columbus was an India-loving pansy.

America Junior is of course, filled with Junior Americans. Most of these people accept their Junior status, but there are those who adamantly refuse to accept this fact. Over time these people grouped together and formed Quebec, residents of which are currently renowned for their ability continuously utter curses and insults. These people enjoy pretending they are French, and are in fact quite similar. Neither group has had anything to be proud of in over 200 years.

There are those who believe that America Junior is actually called Canada. This is in fact no far from the truth, Canada is the common name, whereas Junior America is the proper name. It is like calling America Senior the USA. It is merely a nickname to save time. Note that America Junior is the same as Junior America.

Hollywood likes this place because they can film movies there, especially in Toronto and Vancouver, (see X-Files, Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Assasination of Jesse James by that coward Robert Ford, Cinderella Man, Death to Smoochy, the first two seasons of Sliders)

Important things to come out of Junior America[edit]



  1. Attempts were made by Junior America to have Pamela Anderson refused. Those attempts failed.
  2. Similar attempts were made to return Celene Dion to Quebec, which also failed.
  3. Junior American wood is inferior to American wood, but supplies are vast. Pamela Anderson left. Canada due to poor wood, and has been quite satisfied with American wood, which is smaller than Junior American wood and is thus easier to get into the wood chipping machine.

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