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Right, well Crikey! is a well known battle cry of Steve Irwins, Australians, Yorkshiremans and the occasional mad loon who fancies a laugh. English people try to pull it off but mostly they fail at this and end up looking stupid.

Crikey! is usually a sound heard echoing around the hills when one is attacked by large vicious-looking animals, such as a vole. You may not think voles are particularly scary but believe me, you ought to give them more credit! They have quite a nasty nip about them. ANYWAY, enough about voles.

Crikey! is also a good way of relieving ones inner emotions. Next time you are in work or school, and encounter a particularly nasty problem (like algebra or something equally as dull) just give a loud cry of 'CRIKEY!'. (Please note that I am not responible for any detentions or sackings). It is also most effective when used with an awful Aussie accent. As well as making you look 'cool' - er maybe not - it amuses anyone listening as well as irritating any passing Australians. Theres nothing better than an annoyed Australian. Well, actually, I've never seen an annoyed Australian, but I'm guessing it would be pretty funny.


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