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The Chinese Philosopher Unkown (不明) is a relatively unknown scholar who lived during the Six Dynasties between the year 220 and 265 AD. His work is well documented, but rarely attributed to him properly. This is likely due to the lack of complete records from the period, and as a result we only know his surname and first initial 'N'. This may have been 'Nigel' or 'Norman'. 'Noodles' has also been suggested but that has a hint of stereotyping. Many Chinese don't like noodles.

In addition, his name translates closely to "Unknown". This has caused a number of his works to be attributed to an unknown author rather than to his rightful name N. Unkown.

One of Unkown's works is cited properly by an accomplished and informed artist, only to have her art defaced by some egg-head.

What is Known[edit]

While little is known of Unkown's life, he is considered one of the greatest philosophic minds of our species and the fight to properly credit him for his works will continue on. He wrote many great works including The Bible and the Koran. Subsequently these works were said to be written by God, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. But they weren't. Later another author called Anonymous claimed the credit for all of Unkown's work.

Is Unkown a woman?[edit]

This is a favourite conjecture of many feminist writers. Women were not even expected to read anything except the right recipe to wash their husband's underwear. Writing was considered to be the Devil's work. Experts say in answer..we don't know Unkown.


He doesn't know UnKown. As the American philosopher Donald Rumsfeld once said:

There are known Unkowns, they are the people we know are not Unkown. There are Unkowns we don't know about. There are also Unkown Unkowns. They're the ones we are looking for but we don't who they are or what they wrote.

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