Camouflage rubber duck

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Camouflage rubber duck
Rubberanas camos.png
A docile Camouflage rubber duck.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Anseriformes
Family Anatidae
Genus Rubberfierceduckus
Species R. camos
Conservation Status Near threatened, but do not domesticate or put these in captivity!

The camouflage rubber duck is a wild species of the rubber duck that roams to eat prey. Camouflage rubber ducks have been infamous for causing destruction and blasting and humping the natural habitat of regions they spread on. Humans hunt camouflage rubber duckies for their camouflage skin that can be used to make camouflage lunchboxes and camouflage coats. Their only predators are crocodiles and grues.

An awesome example for the use of camouflage rubber duck skin.


Camouflage rubber ducks eat things to grow. They are not tamable. They, like purple and Afghan rubber ducks, are more aggressive species of rubber ducks.

Hunting and Death[edit]

As there are very few predators of the camouflage rubber duck, their predators chomp them up with big mouths. This is because the rubber ducks have a healthy resource for their predators and hunters.

Humans hunt rubber ducks, as said above. When hunted down, the people have to kill the camouflage rubber ducks and store them in racks. Then, they have to cook them in something to heat them in, and then the skin becomes soft and melted, and they use the source as a great alternative for nylon and regular army uniforms. An alternative way to do this for eating them is to store dead camouflage rubber ducks' skin in racks, but then you also have to cook them in a funky, chunky, metallic grill for some time! The taste of a grilled camouflage rubber duck tastes a bit like plastic, but also has a sweet, tangy taste like a starfruit or durian.

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