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Without the Beatles
Without the Beatles cover
Studio album by The Beatles
Released November 22 1963
Genre Rock
Label Parlophone
Producer(s) George Martin
The Beatles chronology
Thank Thank You
Without the Beatles
A Hard Day's Night
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Everyone "0/10, Where's the Beatles??"

Without the Beatles (shortly known as "1984") is the 2nd Season of "The Fab Four" (1960-1970) that was aired on the 22nd November, 1963. The Season had 14 episodes in total, and 2 parts splitting the 14 episodes into 7 episodes each part which you'll know from doing the math or doing the question 14 Divided by 2. All episodes in the season do not star the Beatles as expected


1."It Will Be Long"2:13
2."All I've Got to Not"2:02
3."Without All My Loving"2:07
4."Bother Me"2:28
5."Without the Big Child"1:46
6."From There Was Nothing"2:14
7."Please Don't Mister Postman"2:34
1."Without Beethoven"2:45
2."Free Me Loosely"2:32
3."You Haven't Got a Grip at all"3:01
4."I Don't Wanna Look At You"1:59
5."Heart In Her Devil"2:26
6."Definitely A First Time"2:07
7."Without Money (That's Not What I Want)"2:49


Without the Beatles, music would suck. The Republic of Music would be ruled by the ironic dictatorship of Elvis Presley. This means that you should thank god that the Fab Four existed...


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