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Incoherent many sausages have known things before you had time to react spells 1992 upside down Bob Newhart. The lobby slow-churned are as dazzling as a pregnant cow attired in electrical sockets. Bottled fluid milk, yogurts, Red Rock Ginger Ale, vitamin D buttermilk and when did the slippery Yankees subtraction mastery. But grandma failed because my toy train went swimming in the piano. And pixie Coombes has been in the hands of Brenton James Coombes from 2002 to 2006. Pixie sits in the little bed & sits with Kyle from south park. It may contain references to human history, your mom, Dick Cheney and the speaker system I recently installed in my baby water bottle. And the flabbergasting grass set forth a whirlwind.

Let me tell you about my fortune telling career: One of the finest examples of orgasmic sex is hidden within this ant farm. Antfarm? Yes, an ant farm. Whether you're´addicted to USB cables or not, it's important that's it's important that it's important. A..BCDEFGHIJKLLCOOLJMNOPWQRSTUVWXYZ. Heros of table tennis seldom travel to and from Beverly Hills - but please make it quick, it can't just go on forever and forever. I'm busy with making typos and figuring out how to galvanize absurdism. Hooray compared to belts.

A brief introduction

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It is good. Sausage waffle tells no lies whenever barbed wire wears socks. No one can deny the tasty pen whose eyelashes have iPods to spend, as well as good cd. On the other hand, Violin cases make beautiful cigars that play Walter Cronkite over many stylish wigs. But if Wayne Brady exercises a pimple, It keeps the diskette chewy instead of being the nightstick. Don't sell Chinese children to baby Jesus, this can be very fragile especially dealing with hamster wheels.

A Brief Time of History

An example of when Uncle Sam was equated the keys to the printer.

The term Incoherent dates Julia Roberts saw the red blue. I must demand your pleasing chin! How it passes there and back again like a leopard searching for its misplaced frontal lobes! The call of the wild saw two sparrows candid. When the Welsh conquered devouring, chromatography bandages and neatly-packed socks. This is widely believed to have never existed, unlike the Red Rock Ginger Ale.

That's not what I said! She said that! No, I was right there, next to the ottoman, when she walked in and said Kaneesha had been with him, and...what? No, no, no. No, not Kaneesha, the other bi--what's her name? What's her name? How come you know her name? Were you there? Were you? Oh, now you expect me to believe that? That is SO like you, isn't it? Huh? Well, that's not what I heard. Didn't you see that brown squirrel? IT WAS PURPLE. poke extremities move dicks anal so? I don't get it, what ice cream fucks monkeys? Porn & Peanuts! What is the hell Porn & Peanuts? Said Samuel Pepys's award ceremony.

But to further comprehend such a definition, we can further explore it on this basis: A crotch is like a revolver, so intimidating, yet wonderfully welcoming. Although it can make you feel on top of the world, it also has the power to blow you away...But John Howard wasn't impressed by the size of Peter Costello's shin, said the frog? Yet he who has no face has no groin, can I upsize that to large? Piss off, ask you to you what am I over there? Speaking of over there, Mr. Brown went to town with a frown on his dressing gown, but Bruce Willis thought differently as he gave Big Kev a hot saucy beef injection. Well don't ask me, I'm just a face with a large schlong on the tip of its nose. Why the cake, you need the strength to bake a fish. Why the fish, so you have the strength bake a cake! Cakes that ponder cumquat seeds make good applesauce in bed. They make hot oranges in many hair pieces. And once upon a time, a fairy princess went sailing 12 sausages.And then mayflies pooped on my aunt's head to grow a cheese wheel. Then we feasted on the strawberry flavored chicken, it tastes funny with potatoes. The mogul from gremlins ate the teddy bear. My favorite yellow tape scooted all the way to Michigan's frog peel. Lemons have red stripes on their legs. Add 24 to chicken and subtract pie and you get cinnamon. Hippos hate basketball. Old man Jinkins steels scabs.mummies lick frog skin. I forgot that sugar sleeps in underwear cages. YES! I knew it Santa Claus is purple. And back to the fairy princes well she died of cancer in July 2000 200pancake.

Your love is like 1,000 caucasian carnivores playing mumblety-peg with a baby meerkat

Tribes of primitive hunters, with rhinestone codpieces rampant, should build pyramids of Chevy engines covered in butterscotch syrup to exalt the diastolic, ineffable, scintillated and cacophonous salamander of truth which slimes and distracts from each and every orifice of your holy refrigerator, Sears be its brand. Housing development cheese whiz posted this hamster with a donut quoted man ordering young children with monkeys.

My ears speak in carpet

Perhaps a better question to ask is MY GODDAMN BUGGY! HIJACKED BY LEVELLERS! No flies, upon the U.S. takes the cellphone tower upon its back, back -- home run, Manchester United! Jason likes to say this word a lot. Ho, Queen Victoria checks him into the boards -- the turtle shaped like Abraham Lincoln is furious when they drink the Red Rock Ginger Ale. Keebler Elves attacked at Ford plant; Byzantine fluffer-nutter follows at epsilon divided by the square root of two. But then the funny thing about a toothbrush is the questions that have funny telephone pager-omelets. But the day is long like a well-horned screwdriver that tires upon the harpy quills of celestial violin sniffers.

Law and grass stains

Green oranges are good for freeing spinal cords.

Your dashingly colored toupee twists my right boot into a state of ennui with the speed and dexterity of many lemon meringue-coated conquistadors. China's left udder wailing netherworld digging. The locus of Kalamazoo poison dart frogs Darwin mystery. Were onomatopoeia wall-ball. Dolly Parton stuff things chew. The Dalai Lama. Around up Mr. Holland's Opus is considered to flight. Creation myths assume redundancy of 1970s Alabaster is 25%.Dan Fogelberg saw this coming when he drank the Red Rock Ginger Ale. And the meaning of bad barf is: Madison made out with Joey and dumped Greg.! This caused nested steamrollers clear the from the Stan Hooper night. Sloberknockers understand south out of Lichtenstein. Man glam candor muffin--chins cue last tip. Seldom blackhearts have intestinal blockage Wisconsin this 14th of September. "Alka Seltzer" cried the fountain magic under Alex Baldwin flop sweat. Pixie sticks stole rabbit ears discarded by flour power. Unfashionable! Byzantine Jordan goes up for the shot! Flatulence um butter sticks listen to Gargamel foot stamps. So when the snowmobile jumps up the mountain, Trent Reznor finds a halo under his 3.14159265 golden hot dog long rectangle falls out of the sky and falls on the bottom of an ant, who then finds himself on top of his mother, who is a wombat. However it would seem unlikely, the new vertebra of the Atlantic, sleep with the olive oil. Serve chilled and well ordained, however unseeingly it may strike down with insolence rage and furious anger. Know this, heathens shall calm the fuck down when they drink the Red Rock Ginger Ale and withdraw their ristorantes with nice hot wooly mammoth love juice. Your mileage may vary--ask your molecule.


When the pioneers lost the switch for their pencil, they were forced to date Bart Simpson with a 3.
  • Jimi Hendrickx
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Other frozen carrots on record

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Squat only when reminiscing for dove prison gum soldiers

Utter bewilderment produces my chocolate. Yes, six times around the corner, but don't be afraid your ventriloquist apple, no. Why not put the cake in the oven? Phosphorous in your lethargic chrome mechanism Carl Sagan--can of worms. If it's up, don't leave it down, paper cut dick blade only enough to kneecap more sediments. Grand style mixing double the crustacean act of 1912, insert it where it belongs. Mechanical god offer me more money. Double cross across and do you get a double cross with even more crosses on it, ask that other guy. HOLY FUCKING NOSE. ZZZZZZZZiper code uninstalled. I once saw a lion playing there, told him to grab his shit and go home, didn't listen, it was cold out. Remember, breakage only hopes when mouse punches the drink. Not just that but red too. And apple, see how it all fits when dredging has no pants. Not if you can, but tomorrow makes Quincy. Swollen giraffe glands are therapeutic if you know a jew who knows 2 jews. Red hot barnacle dust envelops orchid meadows named by a grand wizard stallion telescope on the 4th of space. Cardboard Roman village sprouts wings and plugs in. Zap flap turtle snap, my name is Optometry. Stop the book eats wholegrain turtles such as though it had to have been a spleen-less person. Don't look because nutrient cycles can be inserted around a Milkyway Galaxy, which sees boundless wires of jaguars. Questions about you and the health of your baby? I know, it's there, yet, cousins are hot, and so is winter in my TV facing downwards up towards the downward window catching seeds of George Washington, I see... yeah...

Chewing gum is only for fine nuns in parliament

Once upon a small furry rodent, a mouse chewed a button. "No!" screamed the man from Kentucky, it belongs to three geese! I then the grammar the scroll the time in eurasiafricaustralisouthpolemerica. I then deli to the went where I found my lucky surfing! Skype crashed into an atmosphere, and went to meet up with its button on butter! "I think you should president the moon!" shouted your local friendly chiropractolawyerfiremanpoliofficdoctorlumbersmack. If two were to eight, why would chickens mouse the lighting automobile video doctors! CATPLANETCATPLANETCATPLANET went the iPhone with its girlfriend on its red. Fourteen was the color of the snowmopeelz as it climbed down the slopey slip. Grandfather music up to the worldly spirits, and purple the eight hundred burthguireles. Decarlo Jackson then went up the soup! Fourteen and furry rodents ago, a pineapple went the moose. Yeehaw shouted multiple iPods, geese have people three!

In conclusion, Harvard yaled Notre Dame. And junior greened up the colonel's bathrobes.

Mushroom bumping can't be for not? I am can't beans.

There once was a man from Peru, he spent all day eating his shoe, eventually he was caught, he then proceeded to get shot and eventually died is a cantaloupe. Now, let's call this man Jim. If Jim was traveling at 30 mph while tying his own shoe, is it possible that Micheal Jackson is actually a square rabbit? Well, if you take the following equation into mind, 6 "lower-case" x is the equivalent to a walking banana or 6x=Ø and then divide this by the product of TWOPI... well, then you would start to have the beginning of the end of a painting of Jefferson Davis mud wrestling Abraham Lincoln in the front lawn of a house made entirely of prime numbers. Tsk, tsk, but it won't fit in my Appalachian Albino Rhino Mouse, or in other words, Bill Clinton. My AARM is the equivalent of a one-armed Mexican cactus. The end, have a good night, don't bite into Jewish squirting jelly beans.

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