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MacFarlane in all his leathery-jackety glory.

Seth Woodbury MacFarlane (born October 26, 1973) is an American cartoonist, singer, writer, producer, voice actor, Hollywood liberal, and director best known for creating the animated sitcoms Family Guy, Family Guy Lite and Family Guy Dark.

Seth is famous for his seductive deep voice, fondness for hair gel, excellent fashion sense, and unique blend of humor which combines '80s references, celebrity-bashing, Broadway musical numbers, fart jokes, and numerous plot-eschewing cutaway gags.

It was founded by Professor & Historian DMG, that Seth was actually schizophrenic. The characters he created have sued him. His lawyers, which he also created in his imagination, have paid out all his wealth. This has created many spin-off series by a network called "Life" and can be seen on a channel called "Earth". Seth is known as "God" or "The Creater" and now resides in a place called "Heaven".


MacFarlane was born on October 26, 1973 in Kent, Connecticut. He was the child of an abusive drunk GI and a Vietnamese prostitute who did overseas animation beloved world wide painting cells whiles living in squalor, dreaming that one day her son, as an American citizen could craft a hilarious well drawn cartoon that would change the world thru witty social commentary; but alas she never saw this dream fulfilled, despite still being alive. It's either that, or his parents placed him in front of the TV and let it raise him.

MacFarlane began smoking cigarettes as a small child, so that he could get rid of his high whiny voice and develop a baritone. Like many bright children, Seth was drawn to cartooning, and when he was 8 years old he began illustrating his own cartoon strip Relative Dude, which starred an obese, foolish New England man and an intellectual anthropomorphic dog. Due to a bizarre baking accident, this idea was literally burned into McFarlane's brain, and he was unable, or at least couldn't be bothered, to come up with another idea for the rest of his life.



After qualifying from the Rhode Island School of Design, Seth went on to work for Cartoon Network, where he created a pilot episode for his very own cartoon. It was considered too shit[1] for mainstream television and Seth was forced to spend the next few years locked in a tiny hot room, drawing individual frames for Johnny Bravo at Hanna-Barbara.

Family Guy[edit]

When recording voices for Family Guy, Seth shouts into the microphone for inspiration.

Seth left Cartoon Network after he discovered that infants were too hip to enjoy his work. Fox, however, were very impressed by his cutaway dynamic. The show featured a middle-aged, foolish New England man and his family, which happened to include an intellectual dog. Seth threw in a bunch of other characters, like a talking baby named Stewie. It was canceled twice before finally ending in 2003.

Two years later, Family Guy was brought back, and there was much rejoicing...until fans witnessed the new episodes and realized the show had gone downhill. Still, that didn't stop it from pulling in ratings, making Seth billions, and paving the way for a Family Guy soundtrack, and multiple Family Guy movies, like that one where Peter discovers the lost city of Atlantis.

So far, there have been only three Family Guy movies. The first movie is about Stewie going into the future to learn that he's gay. The second movie was a carbon copy of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The third film is a carbon copy of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. MacFarlane plans on making a carbon copy of the sixth movie, all the Indiana Jones films, and a movie about abortion, but says that he simply doesn't have the time at the moment, considering he has to swim through piles of money ever day, like Scrooge McDuck.

American Dad![edit]

After Family Guy was canceled, Fox realized they made a huge mistake, called Seth up, and offered him a buttload of money in exchange for a new show. Seth agreed and quickly created a fresh new show called American Dad!. However, after Fox decided to renew Family Guy as well, Seth left the show. Strangely enough, this lead to an increase in the overall quality of American Dad!. I hate to say, but it's a pretty good show now.

The Cleveland Show[edit]

Seth went to Fox executives and said he wanted to do another show. Because of the success of Family Guy and American Dad, Fox allowed to, on the condition that the show have a more diverse cast than his previous efforts. Thus, The Cleveland Show was born, a spinoff of Family Guy starring Cleveland Brown.

Untitled fourth show[edit]

Seth went to Fox one day and told them "Give me a new show, or I'll bother you all day by doing my Robin Williams impression." Fox reluctantly agreed. and greenlit another new show.

This one, however, is going to be completely different than his last three shows. This one will star a family, with talking pets, but instead of a dumb dad being the main character, it's going to be a dumb woman! The show is set to use the same animation style as Family Guy, as well as have a similar sense of humor.

The Winner[edit]

The Winner was a live action comedy. Though MacFarlane didn't create it, he pretty much took credit for everything that went right with it (and shifted the blame to the show's creator and Family Guy writer, Ricky Blitt).

The show's premise was taken directly from the movie The Forty Year Old Virgin, except that it took place in 1994, so that the characters could make a bunch of '90s jokes, instead of '80s ones. The show suffered from negative reviews, with some reviewers stating the show was; "dreadful", "obnoxious", "less fun to watch than a cat being strangled." Seth MacFarlane responded to the negative reviews by claiming the "[Critics] are worse than Hitler! They're literally terrible human beings!"

Seth was later heard saying, "I think we might actually make it past six episodes!" until it was cancelled post haste.

Seth and Alex's Almost Funny Comedy Show[edit]


Up Late With Stewie and Brian[edit]

Stewie has his own talk show, and guess who's coming! That's right, it's that guy no-one knows from that Seth MacFarlane show that bombed worse than Hiroshima (Oh, come on, you just know that's a joke Seth would make)! The show lasted only one episode, and was made using Flash animation, which is ironic considering Seth's view on Flash in general.[2] Like that time I tried to get Avril Lavigne to explain her lyrics to me.

Avril Lavigne (voiced by Seth): He was a boy, she was a girl, can I get any more obvious?

Peter: Umm, yeah, actually I think you could.

Avril Lavigne: Umm . . . He had a penis . . . she had a vagina?

Peter: Still not quite sure what you're trying to say here.

Avril Lavigne: He wanted to bone her . . . she wanted to bang him?

Peter: Oh. I think I get what you're saying there.

Avril Lavigne: He was a punk, she did ballet, what more can I say?

Peter: See, I think you could say a lot more. You lost me again.

Avril Lavigne: Seriously?

Peter: Yeah. These lyrics are pretty vague.

Ted! He's unbearlievable!


Seth MacFarlane's first film is a $65 million production, about a man, and his talking teddy bear! The movie is going to be "hard R", and is being produced by Universal Studios[3], because let's face it... even Fox wasn't stupid enough to spend sixty five million dollars on Chipmunks for Grownups.

Seth will be writing, directing, and to no one's surprise... starring in it. Seth will be playing Ted, the talking teddy bear, who will be brought to life using CGI technology... yeah. According to Seth, there has never,[4] ever,[5] been anything like it.

Seth already has plans for a sequel, simply entitled: Ted 2: I Can't Bearlieve It's The Sequel!.

Political views[edit]

Seth is a staunch Atheist, believing that God doesn't exist and if you think otherwise, you should shut your fucking mouth before someone socks you in the jaw for questioning their questioning of your God. His enormous dislike for Republicans, conservatives, Christian Fundementalists, and so on makes him popular in the circle jerk of progressive Hollywood celebrities.

Politically, MacFarlane is a Democratic liberal who loves tolerance, open-mindedness, and acceptance. Critics have accused him of being a malignant narcissist who uses his shows to force his political and religious views on viewers, but Seth has countered this by saying his haters are jealous Bible-thumping NASCAR lovers with no idea inside their inbred brains how it is an internal combustion engine even works.

Revenge of the Seths[edit]

At some undisclosed point in their collective futures, Seth Green will turn evil and embittered and plot to overthrow Seth MacFarlane's presence on Family Guy. This will result in a devastating inter-Seth-ullar war, where most of the Seths in the known universe undertake a long and bloody vendetta against each other to decide once and for all who the Uberseth is. Apart from Seth Green, mechanised poultry under his control, Seth Rogen, his (ahem) acquaintance James Franco, Seth Myers, Seth MacFarlane, Seth Brundle and Seth Rollins, numerous other Seths joined in the general melee. Due to mucking around with the space-time continuum, no-one knows which of the Seths engaged in hostilities became the Uberseth.