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The iPod Slim was released in late 2004, presented, in person, by Steve Jobs himself. The new merchandise was highly controversial, and confused audiences across the Earth, for it's revolutionary presentation and design. Steve appeared to simply hold up a piece of paper with gibberish scribbled upon it. The world would eventually come to realize that this crazy old man hadn't just had a stroke, he was holding the future of Apple in his wrinkly dead hands. The futuristic technology was developed along-side the iNuke in a cloud of secrecy, not much information was ever known about the iPod Slim.

iPod Slim ad

Advertising Ploy[edit]

  • "The opposite of iPod-Huge!" was the slogan that Apple used to promote the iPod Slim.
  • Television commercials depicted a flashing seizure sequence of colors. It was believed to represent the extreme customizability of the iPod Slim.
  • The iPod Slim was the first iPod to be advertised online, and to also be directed towards specific audiences. Apple rented space on widely known websites from: 4chan to Uncyclopedia. Some of their most famous advertisements were relevant to memes, and were considered humourous to only the desired audience, for example: "iPod Slim for ten free internets!", "iPod Slim; something other than your PSP to look at chocolates on!"


  • The iPod Slim had no headphone, or any dock or jack for that matter, it was completely self-reliant. It had an internal 8-bit speaker that was remarkably able to repeat catch-phrases to advertise products in a socialistic way.
  • It has capability for 500 songs on its economic edition, and 1000 on its expensive version.
  • Easy to hack, simple as Konami code!
  • Comes pre-loaded with 30 different rustling sounds.
  • Can be used to start a fire if ever stranded in the middle of the forest.