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Do you want more of your girlfriend to love? Is a female relation trying to gain weight? Want revenge on your greedy shrew of an ex? If so, this guide to making a fat girl is just for you. Is it sexist to pine for a fat girl? Not at all; fat guys are just nasty to look at.

Things You Will Need[edit]

“It always pays to be prepared. I said that, or something...”

~ MacGyver on things you will need

Assuming you are not as forgetful as MacGyver, there are several essential things to start this project:

A Girl[edit]

Girls like this are easy to get fat as long as they are ditzy and don't know your true intentions.

If you are going to make a fat girl, you need a girl, lest you make something else. When looking for a possible target, it is important to keep in mind the girls that are out there. Look for the incredibly ditzy ones that would do anything you say for best results. Here are some common girl types one will find when making selecting a target:

  • Fat Girls: If you are a beginner, or just want to make her fatter, I suppose you could take the easy way out. Otherwise, see below.
  • Girls With Eating Disorders: These girls make the job easier. They already have issues with food and probably a low self-esteem, so they will be able to take insults. For girls with anorexia, just make sure they don't see the scale. for all others, just let their disorder work naturally.
  • Girls On a Diet: Although they are trying to lose weight, these kinds of girls have the biggest weakness when it comes to food. In fact, they will eat anything left unattended after a day of nothing but salads. If you use one of these girls, try to convince them they have an eye injury so they can wear a scarf all day and not notice their weight gain; besides, there's nothing as fun as making a slim girl who wants to diet turn into a pillowy, bloated fat girl.
  • Overweight Athletic Girls: You've probably seen them before; they're either wearing the too-tight sports outfit with the waist-hugging shirt as their protruding midsection threatens to peak out from above the belt, or they're dressing (even though they're not pregnant) like they regularly shop at Motherhood Maternity. Either way, they're already on their way to becoming fat; all you have to do is hook up with one and begin the feeding process.
  • Goth Girls: Risky idea, but I have seen plenty of fat goth girls recently. These girls crave attention, or at least someone to show their newest outfit to. One the plus side (pun not intended, but a good one, anyway), many wear horizontal stripes, which make them look bigger.

The more friends a girl has, the harder it is to keep your actions secret. Girls have an uncanny ability to instantly determine when another girl has gained weight.

  • Freaky Girls: Not to be confused with goth girls, these are the strange girls in the baggy clothes who do weird things. They can act sporadic and nutty, and some have seemingly endless amounts of energy. Because of the loose clothing they wear, it will be a while before they will outgrow their clothes, which is an added bonus.
  • Bitchy Girls: You know the type. These are the incredibly stupid clique members, the trying-to-be-popular Junior high or high school girls. If you can put up with their complaining, keep food in front of them and they will eat it subconsciously. Attempts at making these kinds of girls fat should only be made by experts.
  • Teenage Girls: All of the above could already be teenage girls, so here are some other things to consider. With hormones, puberty, social stress, mood swings, body image, growing pains, enlarging organs, boob production, and increased appetites, it's no wonder that teenage girls are made to get fat.


Fat Girls love pizza. Mold on pizza also causes extra fat cell reproduction.
Be prepared to spend a lot of time here.

Food, food, and lots of food! Food is known to make people fat, so you must be able to get access to large amounts of food before you make a fat girl. You will need lots and lots of food.

Flan is a rather fattening dessert. Also know as fat pudding.

To maximize weight gain, use the following food pyramid.

  • Meat: Meat is an excellent food for the gaining girl. Meat is found on pizza, burgers, itself, I suppose. Meat also has a high amount of fat associated with it, so look for cuts of meat with lots of fat. If this fails, pick a processed meat product with lots of preservatives and salt, which will cause her to consume more beverages (see below).
  • Carbs (Grains and starches): Carbohydrates, like pasta, are perfect for making a fat girl. Containing high amounts of energy, carbs will turn into fat if left alone. By matching lack of exercise with carbs, your girl is well on her way to gaining weight.
  • Dairy: Milk-based products, including cheese and butter, are almost all fat to begin with. These are great supplements to the food your girl is eating. Ice cream and yogurt (especially the frozen kind) are even better.
  • Smoothies and Milkshakes, Just delicious. 100% nourishment, 0% satiety. Fill up an entire freezer so she can always get one without you can see that she has taken anything. The smaller the fruit content, the better and cheaper.
  • Chankonabe Although the ingredients are actually quite healthy and slimming when eaten in normal quantities, if it makes sumo wrestlers fat when eaten in large quantities it can do the same to your woman.
  • Fruit: Just slightly better than vegetables, fruit can be used to lure your target into eating sweets or other food if used as a side or a topping. It's good to make sure that your target eats fruit every once in a while, so they don't get constipated. Fruit is excellent served on top of cheesecake, dipped in chocolate, or as a side with ice cream.
A clear sign that this girl needs a new pair of pants.
  • Desserts: Now we are talking! A fat girl's best friend, each of these will turn into belly flab. A dessert can lead to two, then three, and so on. Although they don't wish to admit it, girls are suckers for desserts.
  • Junk Food: Self-explanatory.
  • Beverages: Obviously, one cannot live without liquid. The right drink can add weight or help add weight too. Lots of alcohol will result in craving for more junk food, which will result in beer bellies, milk adds to the boobs, and sodas are full of empty calories that stretch the stomach and lessen the feeling of fullness. If you are taking a road trip with your girl, insist that you both get sodas every time you stop at a gas station, or any time you stop for a rest break (since they have soda machines at most rest stops); this works best with small, nonhybrid, nonelectric cars (small car, small gas tank).

Bigger Clothes[edit]


When your girl is fat, she can wear too small, tight clothes for that sexy look. However, note that tight clothes will put her in a painful situation where she will not want to eat or gain weight. Use sparingly.

This is a long-term project, and if you are successful, eventually your girl will need bigger clothes. depending on how big you want your girl to get, plan on buying larger sized clothes that will not be worn for long. When you have achieved the results you want, then buy a full wardrobe.

As your girl is in the initial gaining stages, keep these tips in mind. Let clothes be loose and easy to grow into, and do not go for tight clothes just yet.

What and What Not to Buy[edit]

Gaining Clothes-What to Buy[edit]
  • plus-sized clothes
  • maternity clothes
  • Sweatshirts
  • Stretch pants (otherwise known as yoga pants)
  • footed jammies (they look supper adorable and are usually loose fitting)
  • knee socks (they’ll keep her warm, are super stretchy so they’ll always fit her, and yet again there super cute)
  • T-shirts
  • "One-size-fits-all"
  • loose fitting dresses only used for parties
Gaining Clothes-What Not to Buy[edit]
  • Corsets
  • Belts
  • Jeans (size 8)
  • Anything smaller than size 8 (unless she's a size 0 to start with)
  • Button-up shirts
  • Suspenders (what kind of girl wears suspenders anyways?)
  • Tight dresses: dresses that 13 year olds wear to batmitzvas


Tell your fattening girl she looks great in a bikini. You will be rewarded each summer as she swells up like a beach ball.

There is nothing wrong with a fat girl going swimming. But what to wear for a suit? Typically, skinny girls demand that the wearing of bikinis be reserved to their kind, and that fat girls wear one-pieces. However, the reverse should be true. Think about it; if your girl gets incredibly enormous, there is no one-piece available for her. Where are you going to get all that cloth? Skinny girls can wear one-pieces easily, but when a girl becomes too fat, a bikini is the only thing she can wear. Besides, bikinis allow a girl to show off her big jiggly belly and boobs, especially if her boobs grow to an enormous size. Come on, who wouldn't like to see a chubby chick rock a bikini with gigantic boobs?

First Step[edit]

This is NOT a successful fat girl.

Once you have gotten your materials, you are prepared for the hardest part of the process. Usually, your intended target does not know that you are trying to fatten them. This stage involves the careful psychological manipulation of your target. Basically, you are slowly nudging your target to eat more until they develop an eating lifestyle. An eating lifestyle is a trait common in those who overeat, and you first want your girl to get used to eating an excessive amount of food.

Method One[edit]

When you interact with your girl, bring a lot of fast food bags with you, and claim that one (or more) is hers. In reality, her bag has all the food in it. This method is only believable if you make an excuse to leave so she doesn't notice you haven't eaten.

Method Two[edit]

Classically seen in all of those weight-gain stories, keep her surrounded by food so she starts eating it herself. This is done by having plenty of snack bowls out when she is at your house.

Method Three[edit]

Take her to an Italian, Greek, Mexican, or some other foreign relation's house (preferably far far away). Usually, these are the fat great-aunts with the heavy accents that believe everyone is too skinny and cook all the time. They live in the middle of nowhere, so your girl will be so bored she will just eat the whole time there.

Method Four[edit]

If it's your thing, perform magic to cause your girl to be interested in getting fat. If you are more scientific, find a virus or drug that will cause her to feel hungry. Actually, finding a drug that will increase her appetite is not that difficult.

Method Five[edit]

Go to the nearest eccentric candy maker's factory and have your girl taste-test the latest gum. Note that she will probably not turn blue or purple.

Method Six[edit]

If she is on a diet you can tell her to eat the least amount of food as possible for two days. Then the day after you tell her that she lost an amount of weight. Then you tell her that she needs to eat extra food because her body might shut down. Her body will think it is dying so the metabolism will dramatically slow down and when she pigs out most of the food will turn into fat.

Method Seven[edit]

Women love a man who cooks for them and won't want to hurt your feelings by not eating what you prepare. Stick to fattening, calorie-heavy foods, serve large portions and make plenty enough for seconds and add plenty of sugar, oil and weight-gain powder wherever you can. Cookies, milk and ice cream before bed will turn to fat while your girl sleeps. Keep complimenting her on her looks as she swells up.

Method eight[edit]

If you take her out every day, so she must have at least three course meal. Remember the dessert at the end when she is full. So she can always squeeze something sweet down.

Method nine[edit]

In a holiday together for a hot travel destination then you really have time for her and have time to pamper her and feed her when now full. She can wear light clothes in the hot climate. She should not drink water, as it watches over, give her anything but water to drink. After the holidays so she must have new larger clothes.

Risky Method[edit]


This method is incredibly risky. It not suggested as a method for everyone. Do not attempt unless you are a multitasker, and want to make a fat girl while raising a family.

Although it is incredibly risky, you could get the girl pregnant. The bulge of the baby will keep her large for nine months, and give her an excuse to overeat. After the baby is born, a mother eats like a hog to fill up the extra skin, which is why many mothers gain weight afterbirth. Continue for similar results each time.

If the girl is aware of how much more they will want to consume, then they may be reluctant to indulge those overeating impulses. The best bet is to provide for her all of her favourites, often. They may be very tired as making a baby is a hard job. provide comfort foods while they are tired. After the baby is born then breast feeding will shed the excess weight to produce milk. To avoid this provide Mum with Coke or other such drink, meaning they will be able to feed the milk production and keep the weight. Give her more drink than required and that too will be stored away as new curves. Explain it away and the extra food, saying it's all for a good milk supply.

Step Two[edit]

If step one is successful, your girl now doesn't mind eating too much and doesn't notice all the food you give her. In time, she will become completely absorbed with the thought of eating. Now that she can handle the food, up the ante. There are two ways to use food effectively.

Feed Her Fattening Food[edit]

Out of the food you have collected, feed your girl the most unhealthy, most fattening treats of the bunch. This will include fatty cuts of meat, junk-food, desserts, candy, ice cream, and butter. What makes this kind of diet special is that it can be used as you tempt your girl to the fat side (Star Wars parody) without arising suspicion. It can be used to transition into the next diet.

13 Fattening Foods in Disguise: There are many foods out there that may seem OK but are actually high in calories or fat. Ten of them are:

Rice Cakes — they can contain considerable amounts of high glycemic index carbohydrates. When eaten, foods rated high on the glycemic index will cause a rapid rise in your blood sugar level. These simple carbs may stimulate unwanted fat storage and slow your body’s fat-burning capabilities.

Fruit Juice — it is not only calorie-dense, but also high in sugar.

Flavored Oatmeal — sugar is usually high on the ingredient list in flavored oatmeal packets. It’s better to cut down on the packets or use unflavored oatmeal.

Alcohol — although it doesn’t contain fat, it is loaded with calories.

Salad Dressings — salads can be an ideal food for supporting weight loss. They may not be your best choice when you add fat-loaded dressings. A typical dressing has between 6-8 grams of fat and 75 calories. A person usually puts on 3-4 teaspoons equaling 30 grams of fat and 300 calories.

Muffins — they can be very calorie-dense. Beware of the low fat muffins, many of them contain more sugar to compensate for the lack of fat.

Breaded Chicken or Fish — they may contain ample servings of protein, but also lots of fat.

Frozen Yogurt — it has long been one of the most popular “health foods” available. What many don’t realize is that while non-fat frozen yogurt might have less fat, it is not calorie free. It can still contain carbohydrates that can be converted to fat. Many of the frozen yogurt varieties are low in protein and calcium.

Deli Meats — may commercial deli meats are high in fat and sodium. Some may also contain sugar. Your best choice is lean turkey or chicken.

Regular Sodas — a 16-ounce glass of regular soda contains 197 more calories than a diet soda. The majority of these calories come from simple sugars. If you have to drink soda, stick with diet.

Avocado,Coconut, and Terra Vegetable Chips - Some of these items have been an eye- opener for many. They sound healthy, but contain hidden fats, so make sure she consumes more fat by adding these items to her diet.

Feed Her A Lot Of Food[edit]

Once your girl is an eating machine, up the food portions. Make sure she takes second and third portions. Should she balk at this, give her her food on a large plate so that normal portions look small. An excess of food causes an excess of weight, so feed her a ton of food. This can be used in combination with the above plan of feeding her fatty foods to increase fat production levels. For example, instead of an ice cream cone, give her the whole carton. She'll think you're sweet if you bring her a big piece of cake or a bowl of ice cream after dinner while she's watching TV.

Add weight gain stuff (from body builder shops/health shops), extra oil, or butter to her food for optimal results. Encourage her to snack between meals (energy bars work great for this) on the pretext that she "won't feel so hungry at her next meal". Once her system gets used to snacking between meals, her appetite for meals will return to normal, plus she will snack between meals.

Get her used to eating in front of the TV or computer. Popcorn is great to start off this habit, pretend like it's movie night. Or feed her nachos while she's watching her favorite evening show. It's important to get her in the habit of eating after dinner for optimal weight gain. This gets her used to the concept of a fourth meal - the one after dinner.

Fat Girl Anatomy[edit]

The sections of a fat girl. Study well.

To make a fat girl, one must know the blueprints of a girl. Girls are curvier then men for several reasons, the most basic of these being that they were designed to carry fat. Females have body sections that will store the fat your girl gets. To make a fat girl, learn about these body parts.

  • The belly: The first major fat collection site on girls is the belly. It forms into a roll of flab that protrudes from the shirt and pants. It is also the best sign that a girl is fat. Even if your girl dislikes the bigger belly at first, eventually she won't mind. A good way to measure how large her belly is is to find the depth and width of her belly button. Measure using fingers or your tongue (and listen to her giggle). The deeper the fatter! Take handfuls of her belly at a time and show her how happy her jiggles make you. In addition, bellies are good for squeezing, poking, kissing, licking, and sucking. Have fun!
  • The boobs: The twin beach balls of girls, boobs were designed to store fat in skinny girls. Once your girl's body starts producing an increased level of fat, her boobs will eventually swell. At random times during the day, come up from behind her and grab her giant boobies and tell her how happy her big juicy melons make you. Doing this and kissing her boobs and sucking on her nipples can also be a huge turn on for her and encourage her to make her boobs grow bigger and bigger and bigger until they burst from her bra. If you suck on her nipples enough, she may even begin to make milk. Enjoy!
  • The Butt: Another curvy place on girls is the butt, which uses fat as a padding for girls to sit on. Once your girl sits more, the fat she is collecting will eventually settle here, forming a large posterior. The butt is connected to the belly, so as the belly gets bigger the butt gets bigger. Squeeze the butt once in a while to gauge its size. Combined, the belly, butt, and hips form the waist, which is the biggest bane for fat girls.
  • The Hips: In skinny girls, fat collects around these to form "girl hips," and fat also collects here. The hips stick sideways from a girls body, and extend further as more fat goes into them. The effect of the hips causes "pear shape" in girls, and fat hips and butts will cause your girl to require bigger places to sit.

Step Three[edit]

Now your girl should be getting fat, and hopefully likes it. All is well until--whoops!--her clothes don't fit anymore. This usually makes your intentions clear, and can cause a girl to want to lose weight. Not to worry! If you have been paying attention, and followed the steps above about bigger clothes, the rest of this project is in the bag. If you are very observant, you can get your girl's exact clothes in a larger size and replace her old clothes with the new ones. Then, give her the temporary fat clothes once she is completely interested in getting fat. These are the clothes that are meant to be worn for a short time and get bigger in size over time.

Fat Lifestyle[edit]

It is handy to have a skinny girl to compare your fat girl to. Notice how the girl in orange is fifteen pounds heavier.
To prove how easy the whole process is, I fattened up that ditzy girl from the beginning of the article -- now, she's a fat ditz!

There is more to making a fat girl than just stuffing her face. Besides an increase in food, you must make other changes in her lifestyle to make sure the fat stays there and doesn't become a problem. This is usually easier once your girl is addicted to food. Most of these changes can be made at home (assuming your girl lives with you, or you have abducted her and holed her up in your apartment).

Living Room[edit]

Get a large couch that provides plenty of room for your girl's growing butt. Have the couch be the girl's downtime spot when you two are just hanging out. Beef up your entertainment center so you have an excuse, and perhaps install a refrigerator in the same room. Make sure the couch is within short walking distance of the bathroom and the girl's bedroom. Keep the room relatively cool, because this will keep foods like ice cream fresher and your girl will eventually have plenty of fat to withstand any amount of cold temperature.


Do you want your girl to be so fat she can't get out of bed? Then it's best that she get used to the idea as soon as possible. Transfer the beefed-up entertainment center to the bedroom, and provide an over-bed table so she can take all her food, use a laptop, and do anything else she may want to while in bed. Then hide away all her day clothes and fill her wardrobe with sleepwear in ascending sizes that she can grow in to. Many girls are naturally lazy and will happily go along with this treatment, which will help pile on the pounds all the faster.


This is a key room to make right, because normal girls spend a lot of time in bathrooms, so your fat girl will spend even more time here. Reinforce the toilet, make it bigger, and able to hold more crap. Fat people account for 65% of all the crap in the plumbing system. The girl is going to be on the pot for a while, so give them a little rack that holds stuff to read, like the celebrity gossip magazines and tabloids. Also include a sandwich and a few cans of soda so the have something to munch while they are there. Either have a shower with a big door, or have a large bathtub that is easy to get in and out of. Remember to remove items that indicate weight, such as bathroom scales and full body mirrors - this will allow the girl to get fat without even realizing it.


Usually found in the living room or the kitchen, the telephone is also another important invention for the modern day fat girl. Quickly assign the following speed dials:

  • 1 Famous Dave's
  • 2 Dominoes
  • 3 Pizza Hut (get the picture? have several pizza joints on call when you max out on ordering your girl pizza)
  • 5 McDonald's (I don't see why you couldn't call McDonald's ahead of time)
  • 7 Super Ultra Happy Panda Bamboo Garden Palace All-You-Can-Eat China Super Buffet (be fair: give them an early warning)
  • 8 Buffalo Wild Wings
  • 9 Subway (I know what you are thinking, but they have freaking four-foot-long party platter subs)


An important room in any house, so make this one even better. About 2-3 fridges should do it (excluding the one in the living room), as well as a full size freezer and walk-in meat locker. Automated stoves and microwaves also help, as they will keep you from cooking all the time. Don't worry about plates; every cupboard should be jam-packed with junk food. If you really need a plate, use a bucket. Order beer and soda by the keg. Either have the kitchen easily accessible from the living room or install a strong stool and a TV so your girl has something to do. Don't use kitchen chairs with armrests; they will tip her off as she gets heavier. Or be smart and invest in food-repelling carpet, so your girl can sit on the floor. This idea benefits from handlebars (you know, for getting up).


The important thing is to make your fat girl feel comfortable in the car. Do not make her feel like the humongous fat blob that she really is.

This really depends on how big your girl is or soon will be. At the least, make sure the passenger seat is as far back as it can go, and make sure the belt is long. It is important to realize how a fat girl's flab flows when they sit down. Keep the area around the passenger seat clear of radio dials, gearshifts, and other things which will dig into a fat hide. Have a fully functional A/C, as fat girls tend to get warm quickly. Keep all of the cupholders filled with beverages.

If your girl is supersized, it's time to look into a bigger vehicle. Vans or SUVs, especially those with fold-down seats, can create large spaces for your fat girl"sit". If all else fails (or becomes too small), prop her up in the back of the pickup and hope it doesn't rain.


Food is everywhere, and many establishments would love to serve food to your gal. If your girl is still mobile, which is the preferred method, take her out sometime. Booths and tables both pose problems for girls with huge stomachs, but booths are better because they have seats that won't collapse at random moments. Be forewarned that other people will be at restaurants, so only go if your girl's self-esteem is up for it. To help ease this, take a booth in a secluded corner. If you are at a buffet, and your girl gets tired, be chivalrous and get food for her. Don't worry about what you put on the plate, just load 'er up. Don't worry about the stares you are getting from the buffet staff (you did warn them ahead of time, didn't you?). Oh and make her comfortable by eating a lot with her too!


Are you freaking kidding me? Do you really think a girl seventy pounds overweight is going to be worried about sit-ups or climbing a stupid rope? Like it has been said before, by limiting mobility you keep the hard earned fat on the girl. Although, it's hard to always take care of a immobile girl, who will probably become grafted to the couch and die. Just use common sense; fat girls can walk too, just don't go having her run a marathon. If you can take her swimming, that's great. In fact, just bobbing up and down in the pool is the least active "sport" for a fat girl to participate in.


Keep up this cycle of stuffing your girl's face full, stretching her stomach, and waiting for the food to be turned into fat and you will be fine. Usually, fat girls have global midsections which is the most noticeable of their silhouettes. The bellies are paired with a massive rear end, guaranteed to make any pair of pants rip if they bend over. Boobs are also humongous, and sit on top of the boulder belly and lure men in with their heavy cleavage (hopefully not to eat them).


Some like to experiment, and get fat girls with body fat in different places. Here are three common variations:

Big Boobs[edit]

Due to her gains, she's still technically overweight.

Some guys just want a girl that has all of her fat in her boobs, and pass off their fat girl to friends as a hot skinny. If this is your desire, emphasize the intake of fatty dairy products. Also, in a bizarre turn of events, actually have her participate in exercise, but nothing major. You just want the fat not to settle in the other common places, so plan "bouncy" activities, those promoting the boobs to jiggle, like volleyball, tennis, and light jogging. Come up to her at random times and grab her boobs and just feel them and tell her how happy they make you and how happy you would be if her boobs got bigger. Replace her bras with smaller ones so she feels like her melons are getting bigger and bigger, It will encourage her to make them grow even larger.

Big Bellies[edit]

Some guys like women who are always moaning that their bellies are too full and they can't take anymore. Then those women are fed more until stretch marks appear on their tummies. If stretch marks aren't appealing, you can rub your girl's belly with oil to keep it soft, fat, and jiggly. These women like having their bellies (and especially belly button) played with. To achieve this, keep her stuffed and feed her constantly. If you fatten her up good, your girl may have a enormously fat belly that jiggles with her every move. Then you can pinch and squeeze and play with her belly fat all you like.

Thunder Thighs[edit]

Thunder thighs occur more often as the girls get more mature.

Instead of the stereotypical "apple shaped" fat girl, some like the radical "pear shape" on a fat girl. This is easier to achieve than one may think. It helps if your target girl already had wider hips, but otherwise keep them sitting as much as you can. It's the basic concept of gravity: Fat will settle at the lowest point of the body, especially if that part is sat on. Just make sure to change their position every once in a while, so the butt and hips have time to grow and to keep the girl from being grafted to the chair.

Extra Challenges[edit]

From these basics, there are many ways you can customize a "Fat Girl Project". Give yourself a deadline, or try it on multiple girls at the same time. Can you make a fat girl with super powers? Or one that can eat anything? One with no issues with eating every living thing that is not you or herself in her sight? Or maybe make her into a foxy fat chick? Have fun and remember these guidelines, and your girl will be fat in no time.