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The Game Boy at its finest

“No-One comes near us with this! Unless if they make something better then us...”

~ Nintendo on the Game Boy

“Well, they did it, the world's about to end!”

~ Atari on the Game Boy

“Game Over”

~ Super Mario Land

“Where's Wario?”

~ Nintendo Testers on testing the Game Boy and technology associated

“Now you're playing with Portable Power!”

~ Nintendo Commericals on the Game Boy

The Game Boy is a portable console. Read the rest of the article if you want more.

Playing with Portable Power?[edit]

Back in the Early 70s, the Game Boy was on high shelves

The question isn't simple. Only someone like the AVGN could answer that. But if you want a short answer, Possibly. At least, that's what some want you to think, if you're about to use a Console, because, in all fairness, the sole purpose of a Console is not exactly to go anywhere else, but rather staying safely at home.


The Game Boy was novel concept for everyone except Nintendo. Nintendo was willing to put their foot in the Gaming market in the Early 70s, and bring the Nintendo brand to North America, Europe, and Oceania. It tooks months to develop but eventually, it came. Nintendo got Reggie Fils-Aime to promote the Game Boy as he claimed "My Body is ready for the next generation of Video Games" [1]

Unfortunately, despite being the first of its kind, the Game Boy flopped compared to other consoles at the time. It was incompatible with certain technology as well such as dials and costed $999.99. The Game Boy was discontinued by 1973. Sad, eh?


An example of a Game Boy game with VHS playback. The VHS didn't handle these features quite well so it flopped

The idea of the Game Boy would not be phased away from Nintendo's brains! For the next 117 years, multiple versions of the Game Boy would be developed to keep the spirit alive including "Game Boy Dial Edition", "Game Boy Plug & Play Edition", "Game Boy ANZAC Edition", "Game Boy Communist Edition", and most (in)famously, "Game Boy VHS Playback Edition"[2] These versions were all failures and only sold a few copies. To this day, these versions are extremely rare and are highly sought out by collectors. However, not all hope was lost.

In 1989, Nintendo released the Game Boy, again, to give one last final push after 2 world wars as the "Game Boy Final Ultimate Ultra Mega Edition". It was so successful, it was everywhere. No literally, Everywhere. It even had the internet before the internet even existed! The Game Boy lived its life for 9 years. Nintendo had succeeded in the Portable Market.

A Game Boy error. Yet a very rare one. But found for your pleasure.

When the Game Boy didn't work, the Blue Screen of Death would appear. It would usually happen when the Game Boy starts hating you and becomes self aware. It could also happen when you press too many buttons at once as the sound pauses, culminating in the Blue Screen of Death. The name actually makes sense, if you encounter it too much, you die, even if you're 4.

The Strong and mighty Game Boy couldn't always live. Eventually, in 2001, the Game Boy was discontinued in favour of the Game Boy Advance. Eventually, Sony took the lead, somehow.

What will come in the Future?[edit]

Since the Early 2000s, Rumours have came up about something new about the Game Boy. There have also been leaks about a Game Boy simulator for the PS4, although this is not officially confirmed. On April 1 2018, Nintendo briefly announced on their website that the Game Boy X would be released in November that year. Although this was soon announced to be an April Fools Joke.

Where the name came from[edit]

It has been speculated that the Game Boy name came from when a Nintendo employee played a game as a boy back in 1956. Another theory is that the Game Boy name referred to the common demographic of people back in 1972. However, the Game Boy name actually came from a quote from the Early 70s from Potato Budweiser. By 1989, however, the quote vanished from history, and other theories were made up to replace it. The full quote from certain archives is "I once heard someone say they wanted a game and a boy meshed together. Perhaps it would be a Game Boy..."


Super Mario Land was one of the launch titles for the Game Boy

Every Game Boy game had Portable Power. Quite obvious, eh? Some games like Tetris and Dr Mario were specifically designed for this, which is why both games are puzzle games. Not a puzzle game? Well maybe it'll be an action RPG! Not that? Well maybe its an awesome platformer! Not that? Well maybe its a rad yet kind of mediocre Shooter or beat 'em up. Not that? Well... don't buy a Game Boy! You clearly need power or you're gonna get left in the dust with those 2600 and Genesis losers! The Game Boy could clearly tackle this and you better have what it requires because it DOESN'T mess around here.


From 1989-2001, there were several accessories for the Game Boy to modify the Portable Gaming experience. These were mostly made by Third Party publishers without licensing from Nintendo, giving them a name of a Bootleg. An example is the Game Boy Camera which allows you to take photos of yourself and modify them a little [3]. It was quite popular and marked the start of a few more accessories, and a few more, and a few more, and few more [4].

References and Notes[edit]

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The Game Boy is from Nintendo and the name belongs to them